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The 410 Club

The 410 Club, by Victor Loun, is a compelling coming-of-age story. Whether fiction, written as a memoir, or memoir written as fiction, The 410 Club is told in the first person by a spindly, blond-haired, young boy, Jasper Bartlett. Set in the 1970s in both a small rural town in Colorado and a farm in Maryland, the story captures Jasper’s emotional ...

The Albatross: Contact

The prologue of The Albatross: Contact, by Connor Mackay, seizes the reader with graphic detail in this contemporary, contemplative sci-fi novel. The first word and initial paragraph engages the atmosphere and sets the personality of Will Reach. Reach exposes his gritty, hidden back-story in self-talk and through remembered ...

The American Testament

Thomas Michael Simon has written a fictional novel entitled 'The American Testament.'  The story is set in the year 2084.  It is a time when artificial intelligence is used everywhere, androids abound, and America finds itself terribly fragmented. Simon paints a dark vision of a highly technological society of the future. It is ...

The Anchor is the Key

“The Crystal ball rolled slowly across the old hardwood floor until it stopped inches shy of Madam Celeste’s right foot. Stooping down to pick it up with great care so as to maintain the exact aspect of where it had stopped caused her to utter a small sigh.”

This was the beginning of an adventure that a psychic in ...

The Angel Experiment

WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. Do not put this book down. I'm dead serious - your life could depend on it. I'm risking everything by telling you - but you need to know. STRAP YOURSELF IN for the thrill ride you'll want to take again and again! From Death Valley, California, to the bowels of the New York City subway system, you're about ...

The Angels of Resistance

The Angels of Resistance, Parts I & II, a primeval tragedy by David V. Mammina, is an indie dark fantasy. One thousand years after the apocalypse, the Demon Plague attacks Pommel, the home of Michael Miuriel. This man has experienced the death of his wife and young son from the plague and is devastated by its damage to his city. He is one of ...

The Arms of Death: Loch Lonach, Book One (Loch Lonach Mysteries) (Volume 1)

A contemporary cozy mystery, The Arms of Death by Maggie Foster follows an ordinary, working, single girl who becomes an amateur detective after the unexpected death of a close acquaintance, Professor Craig of Genealogy. Ginny Foster’s curiosity and intelligence are challenged by unexpected clues which fuel her detective work. She is the person ...

The Attractiveness of Wisdom

The Attractiveness of Wisdom, by Judy Kelly, is contemporary fiction from a unique point of view. The novel’s theme, the devastation and heartache of divorce as a life-changing challenge, is from the husband’s perspective.   Hamilton Maddox has refused to recognize the problems facing his marriage to HolliAnne. His long-held belief ...

The Avocadonine and Spring Stone

The Avocadonine and Spring Stone by Patrick Barnes is the story of Rey Naresh as he enters ninth grade at Pemota High School. Ninth grade can prove to be new experiences for young teens--no different for Rey. He arrives at school, and like the past years just really doesn't fit in. He tries, but the sync with the other boys his age eludes him. ...

The Baby with Three Families, Two Countries, and One Promise

A new illustrated book for young children, The Baby with Three Families, Two Countries, and One Promise: An International Adoption Story, by Julie Gianelloni Connor, is destined to be a classic read-aloud for young children. With brightly colored, simple illustrations by Saman Chinthaka Weerasinghe, large-print text, and concise, simple ...


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