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Tom was certain about one thing in life … gin was his best friend and worst enemy. Even knowing that his drinking was ruining his relationship, he still ended up having one-too-many too many times. Paula finally ended things. She still cared for him, but their lives were headed in different directions.

Geraldine by ...

Getting Some of Her Own

After sixteen years, Susan Pettiford has come home to North Carolina for good. Thanks to an inheritance, she can start her own interior design business. It’s not quite the life Susan hoped for, but she’s determined to chart a new course…and shake things up.

When architect Lucas Hamilton accepts Susan’s dinner invitation, ...

Getting Trump: How the Media is Hurting Itself Chasing THE DONALD

Getting Trump by Charles Davies is a herculean effort to expose the banalities and falsehoods woven around the presidency of Donald Trump.  In Davies’ book, we are introduced to an exhaustive and incisive analyst of the media’s portrayal of President Trump’s presidency.  Getting Trump makes ...

Girl with a Future

The cover illustration of the novel, A Girl with a Future by Canadian author Parker Ames, is an intriguing, modern portrait of a young girl with a vivid personality and contemporary issues. This memoir-style fiction is a coming-of-age novel about Angie Cohen. Parker writes her story in the third person, which works great for Angie’s complicated ...

Girls Can

Girls Can is a delightful children’s book written by Deb Preston and beautifully illustrated by James Henry Dufresne. Preston, the mother of a young daughter, has written a read-aloud picture book that will delight girls and their mothers. Not only does Preston validate the “girly-girly” nature of girls ...

Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body

The political thriller, Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body, by Barry R. Ziman, begins with a fast-paced promise of mysterious undertakings. From its chilling beginning of a young woman's abduction to its unexpected conclusion, this is a story of political intrigue. The author paces the novel masterfully. His main character, Ryan McNeil, appears ...


GodSway, My Anecdotes with God, penned by Diana Skidmore Keathley, is a captivating memoir that emboldens those seeking answers to God's mysterious ways. Through the author's intimate narrative and her encounters with Messages from God, readers will find resonance in their own life experiences. The reader is left ...

Good Americans

Good Americans by Tejas Desai offers devastatingly passionate portraits of individuals who represent today's jaded citizenry of America's society. It's a collection of stories about the great diversity that exist in America and how it effects the very fabric of our nation. With the world reeling from bloody conflicts driven by the unacceptance ...

Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody

Goodbye Rudy Kazoody by A A Freda is Joey's story. Joey is a teenage immigrant from Italy and his story spans the 1960's in the Bronx. He and most of his neighbors have come to America from another country. They are faced with not only being in a strange land, but maybe one of the most tumultuous decades America has ever seen. Joey teeters ...

Gracie and the Perfect Paintining

Michael Wuehler has written a timely chapter book titled, Gracie and the Perfect Painting, for middle schoolers. This short novel will not only appeal to young readers’ sense of fun but will spark character development in several areas. Gracie is a young preteen with characteristics and a personality that are significant to readers and parents ...


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