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The Book of Eli

Have you ever wondered what or who the voice of God might sound like? Could his voice sound different for each person, or is his voice the same for everyone? This thought probably never crossed Eli Canaan's mind either before his first encounter with the Lord Almighty. The Book of Eli is an amusing, satirical story. It just goes to show ...

The Boxed Angel

The Boxed Angel by Robert DiGiacomo is a thriller that spans several centuries. The book opens in 1776 with the theft of a gold box from the home of Benjamin Franklin. The book quickly switches to modern times and the adventure starts for our main character, Al Campo. Mr. Campo is a glass installer who also enjoys finding old furniture and refurbishing ...

The Brotherhood (The Brotherhood Chronicle)

The thought-provoking mystery thriller The Brotherhood by Tejas Desai is an introduction to the complicated, little known Hindu culture of the Queens area of contemporary New York City.  The author writes with the power and conviction of personal knowledge of the culture and the city.  He includes a glossary of ...

The Call: Faithful Endeavors

The Call Faithful Endeavors by JMA Ziegler is a contemporary novel written as the memoir of the protagonist, Ken Scrivener. Nine-year-old Ken is bullied into a prank which results in long-term repercussions. Ken is a loner who is sensitive and introspective, self -effacing; an outsider wanting to belong. His desire to belong makes him vulnerable ...

The Captain & the Queen

          The Captain and the Queen by Phillip Vega is a captivating romance of first love related through the eyes and heart of a 17-year-old boy.   Romance from the point of view of a naïve, middle class, high school senior is a rarity.  Quick, snappy dialog with jive talk and teen lingo ...

The Case of Section 950, Seat E-14: A Sam Cloudstone Novella (The Sam Cloudstone Chronicles)

The Case of Section 950, Seat E-14: A Sam Cloudstone Novella (Sam Cloudstone Chronicles Book 1) by Jimmy  Martin is a fast-moving riveting read from the get-go or in my case a relentless, intriguing and spellbinding audiobook narration by Mike Bender. Martin has created a great literary masterpiece of Pulp Fiction set in the big city of Houston, ...

The Cave of the Six Arrows

A mystical tale set in a prehistorical land, The Cave of the Six Arrows,  by Len Boswell, is a fantasy novel with intrigue, a secret quest, and battles interspersed with comic relief. Hero and main character, Calax Halfhand, is a mercenary warrior who reluctantly takes a young runaway girl, Rhynt, with him on his travels.
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The Century's Last Word

The Century's Last Word by Brendan Walsh is a continuation of the lives and adventures of Dreden, Chanin, and Gerrika as they explore a world on the other side of the Sunitian Sea. Most of the new action takes place in the city of Brunswald, which is the capital of the country of Skaltbard. In Walsh's previous book, The Century's Scribe, ...

The Century's Scribe

The Century's Scribe by Brendan Walsh is an uplifting fantasy novel that is deeply imagined and profoundly thrilling. Walsh creates a world that he populates with various beings that have vastly different origins that live together in a degree of harmony. However, as the story is narrated, you discover that there is still a feeling in ...

The Chairs Are Jealous

J. Denise Kulick, author of The Chairs Are Jealous, pulls the reader's leg and tickles his funny bone in this fun fantasy. Set in 1958, near New York City, the novel's plot follows the adventures of Marian Fennell.  Marian is an introverted textile conservator in a large university. She and her extroverted sister were ...


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