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A Better Heart

Chuck Augello's enthralling Novel, A Better Heart, presents you with family drama and adventure. He delves deep into the complex bond between humans and animals, bringing to light the need for change in how we view animal rights. A Better Heart is an enjoyable read with both humorous aspects as well as a powerful message ...

A Better Place: A Memoir of Peace in the Face of Tragedy

This year we have seen an endless series of gun related-deaths in the United States, A Better Place responds to this growing epidemic by sharing the captivating and inspiring TRUE story of this very personal experience. Appealing both to true-crime readers as well as the self help crowd, Poblete puts the entirety of life in wise perspective, reminding ...

A Colossal Injustice

Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr., author of A Colossal Injustice, A Griffin Knight Corporate Murder Mystery, has created another spellbinding thriller in his Griffin Knight Series. To establish a time in the future, the author places Griffin Knight in the Seattle-Tacoma airport that has been renamed. He introduces the reader to futuristic AI technology, ...

A Coward's Guide to Oil Painting

MM Kent, author of A Coward’s Guide to Oil Painting, is a genius. Not only is he a recognized painter in the world of art, but also a creative wordsmith. His novel begins with an explosion. Set in 1969, the plot weaves from West Texas to New Orleans, Mexico, and back to Texas with minute details that make the storyline believable. ...

A Different Life

"A Different Life" by Rhonda Nelson is a deeply evocative memoir chronicling the memories and rare artifacts of Rhonda Nelson's life and as the wife of rock and roll legend, Wayne Nelson. Rhonda’s husband was the lead singer and bass player of the "Little River Band." This was a band of true musicians, true troubadours, ...

A Dog Named Tulip

A very sweet book written by twin twelve year old girls. It is about a little girl that loves to give her mom gifts. This book is about a Mother's Day gift. A very sweet read and one that will be enjoyed by the youngest of readers. Those still read to by Mom will love this book. These two young ladies did a great job--let's watch for them in the future.

A Finger of Land on an Old Man's Hand

Finger of Land on an Old Man's Hand: Adventures in Mexico's Baja Wilderness by Earl Vincent de Berge is a nostalgic account of the author's exploits that took place between 1962 and 1964 as he and three friends, Mark, Brian, and Adel traversed the still wild deserts and coastal regions of Baja California.

The author provides ...


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