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"A Different Life" by Rhonda Nelson is a deeply evocative memoir chronicling the memories and rare artifacts of Rhonda Nelson's life and as the wife of rock and roll legend, Wayne Nelson. Rhonda’s husband was the lead singer and bass player of the "Little River Band." This was a band of true musicians, true troubadours, who lived on the road and met the people where they lived. Rhonda wasn’t the stereotyped groupie wife perceived by so many, but a grounding force in her husband's life and career. Their courtship spanned continents and faced many challenges of being separated for extended periods of time, but persevered. During these trials, Rhonda would hold on to her sense of self as her roles as wife, friend, and lover.  Sometimes it takes that certain other person to make another person whole and the relationship between Rhonda and Wayne worked that way.

The book navigates through her years on the road with Little River Band. Rhonda reminisces about where the band played, the life on the road, the friends they made and the fans they met. Rhonda paints an astonishing picture of the life on the road and the fun that filled her many years as a member of the Little River Band's inner circle. Telling never-before-heard stories about what life on the road with the Little River Band was really like, she offers intimate portraits of the band members and the adventures they lived.

Rhonda writes about growing up on a farm and losing two very special men in her life. As you read her book you discover she is an entrepreneur at heart; she created a wedding business as a very young woman and then in recent years bought and successfully ran a 30 room Bed and Breakfast, the Woodfield Inn. The wife of a rock star comes with a lot of perks but at the expense of stability or normality. Rhonda reflects that they moved on average every two years which was always difficult leaving behind cherished friends.

The book, "A Different Life," is rich with pictures that represent a pure distillation of what Rhonda's' life encompassed. It includes never-before-seen photographs from Rhonda's personal collection. It also contains many of the Nelson’s family recipes and details of the making of their favorite drinks.

The book, "A Different Life," is a portrait of the times, the places, and the people who became a part of the Nelson’s life. Rhonda is open about her personal life with Wayne: their passionate love affair, the demands of being married to a professional musician and singer and coping with living on a bus with 9 men. “A Different Life," is a compelling piece of rock 'n' roll history from a woman who had an intimate view of the band’s touring bus life and a perpetual backstage pass to the legendary "Little River Band." Enchanting, candid, and moving, this page-turning fairy tale of fame and fortune has the best of both the many euphoric and difficult moments within its pages.

About Rhonda Gayle Nelson


Rhonda Gayle Nelson is a philanthropist, music lover, and entrepreneur. She has owned and operated a wedding dress shop, managed rental properties, held real estate licenses in multiple states, and was an innkeeper at a historic 150-year-old bed and breakfast in the Smoky Mountains. Co-owner of a 45 plus-year-old company that writes and produces TV jingles, Tuesday Productions - music lives deep in her heart. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Rhonda is a true lover of country, pop, and the blues. That love led her to a Little River Band show in 1999 at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville where she met her husband, bassist and singer Wayne Nelson. This serendipitous meeting was the perfect next step in her life as they married a year later. She is very active in animal rescue, children's charities, cancer charities, and is currently a board member for The Florida Fishing Academy. When spare time is available, Rhonda loves biking, yoga, browsing art galleries, and shopping. Passionate about good food and wine, Rhonda loves to entertain and host intimate parties and soirees when at home. Wayne and Rhonda are avid travelers, having traveled extensively both here in the states and abroad. A self-admitted shoe addict, Rhonda is also a chronic collector of rescue Maltese pups. Rhonda and Wayne have lived in several states but currently reside in south Florida with their rescued Maltese.


By: Gregory hindDate: 06/14/2018 00:28:28
As a member of LRB band and close friend of Rhonda and Wayne closing in on 20 years now when she says she's going to do something she did it. So to jump on the back Of your great review let's go through it. She wanted to live in pretty much the best Street in Nashville and accomplished that.  Would have turn that house into something amazing I'm sure but wanted to have a bed-and-breakfast well she did that. Not just any old place over 20 rooms and a couple of them haunted I know I experienced it first hand a couple of times. She conquered her dream there of running a restaurant and weddings etc. but then felt it's course was run and yearned for Nashville again. Started out in a lovely rental then bought a house just down the road in an area she also always wanted to live in Brentwood And proceeded to turn that inside out front yard and backyard into a work of art yes she did it again just what she said she would. But then fate kicked in again and her allergies got the best of her and thought that Vegas out in the desert would help the issue.  Purchased a beautiful house they're just outside of downtown and proceeded  to renovate that place especially the outside areas just like she said she would.  The allergy thing wasn't working out so well so maybe Florida would be a better bet and proceeded to eventually find an absolute bargain of a house in Delray Beach. Once again like all of the latter she said she would and she did.  She's just finishing up the renovations their whilst in the middle of putting this whole book together. Just reiterating when the woman puts her mind to it it happens and she ain't done yet!!!

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