Without Reviews Your Book Is Like A Grain of Sand in the Desert.

The number one reason is that reviews help you and your book get discovered.

Over 85% of all readers rely heavily on book reviews to help in their buying decisions.

For most authors, reviews are the primary way of marketing their book.

For potential buyers of your book, your reviews help readers decide if they want to spend their money and time to read your book or not.

If a person searches for your book online, you'll want them to quickly be able to find numerous reviews or articles about you and your book. It’s comforting to a reader to see your book is important enough to be indexed by Google and Bing.

For many readers, a lack of reviews online would be a major factor in their buying decisions.

Zero book reviews indicate a book not being seriously promoted or promoted to the wrong audience,

More internet listings on the web about your book and you as an author helps in the discovery of your work and shows potential readers that your book is serious enough to appear under numerous sites

Our reviews often articulate aspects of your book that your marketing blurbs didn't address.

Internet positive reviews play into the bookselling algorithm. More reviews, bring about higher ranking and exposure to more book buyers.

Book reviews are big influencers to new readers.

Our reviews can be used on Amazon's editorial review section. (If you don't know how to take advantage of this, contact us.)

Bottom line: Reviews equate to more informed readers and usually more sales for authors.

Here’s a handful of books AuthorsReading reviewed that now appear on the 1st page of Google results when a potential buyer searches for the book title. (Results as of 9/1/2018)

  • Chaos at the Concours: A Thomas Ballard Mystery
  • Zyklon: A Francine Vega Investigative Thriller
  • His Garden: Conversations with a Serial Killer
  • The Stone House Legacy
  • Evermark Carwyn
  • The Pakistani Connection by Stuart Craigie
  • Lusty little women
  • The Chinese Shadow Game
  • Goodbye Rudy Kazoody

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