How to make your book review sell books

Once your book review is completed and posted; you need to help get the word out about your review so that it helps you sell your book. Don't be shy about tooting your own horn - get people to read your book review.

Independent book reviews are among the most powerful factors contributing to book sales. When it comes to marketing and selling books, however, most writers  - despite being endlessly eloquent - under leverage the reviews they get."

If you're like many writers, your book has acquired a mix of blurbs from fellow writers and full-length reviews from sites such as or others. As you acquire these precious reviews, you need to put them to use. Here are some suggestions of what you can do to help your review get read and your book get bought.

  1. Email your friends, your family and associates the link to your review and ask them to PLEASE leave comments. At the bottom of the page, where your book review is featured, there is a section that invites readers to leave comments about your book, the review or you the author.  The comments help you in multiple ways.  Others who are reading your review and see these comments are more likely to take the review more seriously and leave comments.   The fact that the page, displaying your reviews, is receiving comments will also be picked up by Google, making it more likely to be displayed on page one of their search results when people google for your book or your name.
  2. Post the review on your Facebook page and ask your friends to share the review.   On Facebook, you can pay a few dollars and get even wider coverage which could result in more customers. If your book contains a theme that is relevant to current events, then it would be very wise to give it a boost on FaceBook.
  3. Post a tweet about your review and ask for retweets.  Get the review out there, so people know about your book.
  4. Post your review to every social media outlet you are involved with.
  5. Mention your review to your followers on GoodReads.
  6. If you have a blog, link to the review and quote from it.
  7. If you find interesting observations in the review add them to your book's editorial area on Amazon.
  8. If your book contains a theme that is relevant to current events, then it would be wise to write to your local papers and see if they would carry a story about your book using excerpts from the review.
  9. Recycle as needed: It’s common to find yourself right up against a publication deadline, with little time to wait for book reviews as you race to get the book out to your readers. In this case, it’s okay to use previous reviews so long as you do it ethically and accurately. If you have prior praise for your craft in general, you can curate this list under the title "Praise For [Your Name]." Just make sure you don’t misrepresent the facts, or make it seem as if reviewers of past stories are validating this particular story.
  10. Find bloggers that allow guest blogs and use your review in your article or ask other bloggers to post your review on their blog.
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