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Robert Kearns

Robert Kearns

Author Robert E. Kearns comes from the Emerald Isle a country that has produced many famed writers like Bram Stoker, Thomas Kinsella, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift to name just a few. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1971 and lived there until 1995 when he moved to Houston, Texas. He lived in Houston for the next nine years.

Robert believes that the experience of living abroad made a huge contribution to his writing. It matured him as a person and provided him with a unique perspective on life in different parts of the world; thus aiding in his storytelling abilities. After returning to Dublin, Robert started his debut novel, Hy Brasil, in 2017. Robert stated, ‘I wrote Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity after reading about it in a newspaper article a few years prior. It hit me straightaway that Hy Brasil would make a great subject matter to exercise the imagination. I set about jotting down the plot and then began tapping it out on the keyboard.’

The book is based in part on the mythical island of Hy Brasil, which is Ireland’s answer to Atlantis. It was said to have existed off Ireland’s west coast and appeared on the maps of medieval cartographers. Hy Brasil is a work of literature with plenty of mystery and suspense thrown in for good measure. It focuses on the subjects of Irish history versus its modern-day equivalent and does so with the tools of Gothic fiction and high adventure.

Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity was released through Black Rose Writing in January of 2019. It has been well received, with a respected reviewer saying: “Author Robert E. Kearns has created an effortless read that was easy to breeze through and escape into, thanks to his highly vivid descriptions, beautiful narrative voice, and dark, mysterious gothic stylings.”

Robert is now busy completing his second novel which is based in Texas. ‘I am unwilling to provide too much of an overview of this new work, but I will say that my new book is a fictionalized story which revolves around my time in Houston and a person I met there who is a familiar name in Texas and beyond.’ ‘It’s one to watch out for,’ he says. ‘I already feel as though I’ve hit on something special. This is a story I’ve wanted to get down on paper for a while. It is of course set in and around a City and State I have fond memories of; so far, it’s been a wonderful writing experience for me.’

Robert is a member of The Irish Writers Centre in Dublin’s Parnell Square and is also a contributor to the Inkslingers writing group which meets there every Saturday. When not writing, Robert loves to walk his dog (A Maltachon who answers to Chloe), which provides him as much exercise as it does for Chloe. Robert hopes to have his second novel completed in late 2019, so watch for the announcement.

You can connect with him at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robertedkearns

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobertEKearns

2018 PenCraft Award Winners

Pencraft Award LogoCongratulations to our 2018 Pencraft Award First Place Winners
AuthorsReading is proud to announce the finalist for the 2018 Pencraft Award given for extraordinary books and publishing excellence. The winning titles were selected from the myriad of book review submissions of 2017-2018 to AuthorsReading.com. If you are looking for great award-winning books, click on the links below. The following authors have won first place for their respective genre:
Book Of The Year Winners 2018:
Overall: The Second Wife: The Second Wife Series, Book 1 by Kishan Paul
Non Fiction: His Garden: Confessions of a serial killer by Anne K. Howard
Fiction: Where the Hurt Is by Chris Kelsey
First Place Category Winners:
Airshow by Mark A Hewitt: Children - Concept
From Dark To Light by Isabella Murphy: Children - K-3rd General
The Narragansett Files by Robert Shemeld: Thriller Terrorist
Facing the Dragon by Philip Derrick: Fiction - Adventure
Beyond McCarron's Corner: Sassy's Story by Sharon K Middleton: Romance - Historical
Blown Cover by Mark Hewitt: Fiction - Thriller - General
Kat & Maus by Brad Chisholm & Claire Kim: Romance - Contemporary
The Anchor is the Key by Linda Anthony Hill: Fiction - Paranormal

Pencraft Award Winners:
Praying for an Eclipse: Mother Moon (Volume 1) by Guillermo Marquez-Sterling: Drama
K-Town Confidential by authors Brad Chisholm and Claire Kim: Fiction - Suspense

Total List of the 2018 Winners
The annual submission deadline for consideration in the 2019 Pencraft Award competition is September 30, 2019. All books published within the last 3 years, and reviewed during the 2018-2019 review period are automatically eligible for consideration in the 2019 Pencraft Award competition. Make sure your book is submitted prior to the September 30th deadline to assure its consideration. The date of the 2019 Pencraft Award ceremony and prize amounts will be announced at a later date.

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