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 Kit Wilson, RN: Treading WaterThe Land of HeartsWhat Lies BuriedAdventures of Fairies and DragonsShadows ForgedGlendale MeadowRunning with GraceThanksgiving in Welcombe BayDaft Mejora's Infinite Madness (Or, How to Travel Near America with Friends)What's New Inu?My Personal History of Philosophy to it's External ThingsMiami VengeanceFace-LiftSon of the Doomsday ProphetThe Sales Professional's Survival Guide Out of TimeREARRANGED: An Opera Singer's Facial Cancer and Life TransposedAt the Ready

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Ann Greyson

Ann Greyson

With a background in acting and dance, Ann proudly identifies herself as a storyteller who pays meticulous attention to detail and strives to captivate audiences. She specializes in creating engaging narratives that weave intricate plots and feature intriguing characters. Notably, every novel she's written falls into the "PG" category, offering enriching and character-driven experiences without the inclusion of explicit content.

2023 PenCraft Award Winners

Pencraft Award LogoCongratulations to our 2023 Pencraft Award First Place Winners
AuthorsReading is proud to announce the finalist for the 2023 Pencraft Award given for extraordinary books and publishing excellence. The winning titles were selected from the myriad of book review submissions of 2021-2023 to AuthorsReading.com. If you are looking for great award-winning books, check out the titles below. See the complete list of the 2023 Winners

Book Of The Year Winners 2023:
Overall: Early Grave by Paul Levine
Fiction: The Senator's Wife by Jen Lyon
Nonfiction: Swift Sword by Doyle Glass

Pencraft Award LogoThe annual submission deadline is Midnight on September 10, 2024. All books published within the last 4 years (2020-2024), and reviewed during the 2023-2024 review period are automatically eligible for consideration in the 2024 Pencraft Award competition. Make sure your book is submitted prior to the September 10th deadline to assure its consideration. All entries to the annual PenCraft Book Award competition will also be submitted to the NEW SEASONAL PenCraft Book Awards. The date of the 2024 Pencraft Award ceremony and prize winners will be announced in late October 2024. Register Now



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Spies on Safari

Join AuthorsReading as we delve into the thrilling world of industrial espionage with novelist Oliver Dowson. In this interview, Dowson unveils his latest novel, "Spies On Safari," the exciting sequel to his former novel, "The Repurposed Spy." His new novel takes you into the enchanting but dangerous jungles of Africa as Dowson's unique storytelling immerses you in a world of intrigue and adventure.

Never Stop Singing to Me

Catch our latest interview with author Linden Thorp, an English Writer living in Japan who has penned an emotional book about love, titled, "Never Stop Singing To ME." She tells us why she wrote the book and what it means to her. Linden has been in the business of writing in one way or another for numerous years. Read our interview with her and learn who this author is and why she writes.

Grays of Novart

Read our interview with J. A. Collie, an emerging author who's conquering the realms of science fiction and romantic suspense. In her recent masterpiece, "Grays of Novart", a riveting novel published by Koehler Books Publishing, Collie showcases her knowledge of the latest technological advancements and her talent for crafting heart-racing stories that leave readers wanting more.

A Poet talks about poetry

An in-depth discussion about Sabrina Simon's book of poetry, "Violet," and the overall state of poetry in America. What is the future of Poetry? Sabrina will give you her opinion. Her book, "Violet," is full of beautiful love poetry that talks about all those strange feelings we experience when we are in love.

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