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Wantin by Truth Devour is the story of a young girl named Talia. The book opens with Talia, her parents, and nanny Marlee. Talia's parents die when she is six years old--that leaves Talia with Marlee--only to be "adopted" by Australian relatives and whisked away from Marlee. Talia and her cousin Brad become extremely close--therein lies the problem. ...

War Of Rain

War of Rain by H. W. Vivian is the story of Miri. She lives in a village in the desert. Her village and another have to compete for water. Miri goes for water (rain) one day and events unfold that she never would have believed would have happened to her. Miri accidently kills a person from the other village. Right here and now Miri's life ...

Wasps in June

Author Brad Prentice reveals his remarkable imagination in the two sci-fi novellas featured in Wasps in June.  A huge swarm of wasps descends on modern-day Los Angeles. John Walsh, a reporter for a small newspaper, is on the scene.

John rushes to interview sting victims, wondering “if it was right to make a living off other people’s ...

Waters Plantation

Waters Plantation is a work of fiction by Myra Hargrave Mcllvain, who is also known as a “teller of Texas tales”. In her previous work, she had explored the lives of the residents of the Stein house – Amelia and Helga, two sisters who had emigrated from Germany and made a niche for themselves in Indianola, Texas. Their story continues ...

Wet Work (Duncan Hunter Thriller)

 Mark A. Hewitt, will keep the reader unbalanced with his shockingly contemporary new novel, Wet Work. Whether a fictional prophecy or fictionalized exposé, Wet Work will challenge the reader’s political mindset. “The dark web is full of sordid stories just waiting to be used against an adversary.” Political warfare ...

What Hides Beneath

Everyone wonders what treasures are hidden out of sight when they visit a museum. Sometimes even those who work there may not know what may be discovered within the confines of their walls.

What Hides Beneath by J.L. Canfield is a thrilling tale of mystery that begins with the discovery of one such hidden treasure. Allison, an unassuming ...

When Shmack Happens

When Shmack Happens by Amber Neben is her story about being a World Champion, Olympian and a warrior for God. Amber takes you into the life of a champion and lays it all out there--lots of hurdles, obstacles and bad experiences. Olympians have the same and different struggles in life that the ordinary "Joe" has. She so deeply wants to convey to the ...

When Spring Comes Around

Igor Martek’s latest novel, "When Spring Comes Around," is an effortless read. The main character Haru is a young man that is growing into his own as an analyst with Murano, Japan's largest securities firm. He has set his sights on moving up in the company and expected an assignment overseas. New York is his goal. Early in the ...

Where Liberty Lies

Where Liberty Lies by Nathaniel M. Wrey is the sequel to Liberty Bound and takes readers on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world. It combines elements of dystopia, thrill, and epic fantasy. While Where Liberty Lies can be enjoyed as a standalone ...


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