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Einstein's Compass

EINSTEIN’ S COMPASS by Grace Blair and Laren Bright is an exciting YA novel that weaves the life and discoveries of Albert Einstein with the eternal battle of good and evil.  Blair and Bright introduce an evil entity into their novel that is destined to become Einstein’s nemesis.  This dark power is named Raka and among his ...

Ekstasis - The Return of the Sovereign Heart

Ekstasis - The Return of the Sovereign Heart by M.I. Dugast offers an unusual blend of romance and enlightenment. This is Dugast's first book in her Ekstasis magical realism romance series. I had to look up the word Ekstasis to try to get a better idea of what the title is intended to convey. This is what I found for ...


Electric Savvy by Blaine C. Readler is a very interesting take on electricity. The book chronicles electricity-not just the different components, but also the history. Electric Savvy delves into every appliance, AC, etc. in your home. Readler does so in a manner that both the expert and the layman can understand and comprehend. You will read ...

Electro: a small Texas town

Electro: A Small Texas Town (EMP Book 1) written by David Lisenby is an entertaining apocalyptic tale that takes place in Hardin County, Texas.  The story opens with a prelude of the lives of the main characters; Levi, Arlene, Harold, Kay, Roxie, Alice, Bailey, and Ashlyn. Each of their introductions ends with their sudden immersion into ...

Elvis: Destined To Die Young

Destined to Die Young is the definitive examination of why the world lost Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977, when he was only forty-two years old. Author Sally Hoedel has painstakingly researched the subject and offers factual and scientific data—plus never-before-published information she gained by interviewing people who personally knew Elvis—to ...

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation of Faith In Him

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation of Faith In Him, by Chris Tham is a faith-based non-fiction treatise. Tham has written an extensively researched book, a religiously oriented discourse that reveals his spiritual insights. His stated intention for his research and subsequent writing is for the reader to discover his ...

End It by the Gun

End It By The Gun by Kenechukwu Obi is a fascinating tale about a novelist named Beck Blades.  The story opens with Beck lamenting the fact that he has written his eleventh novel and how it has ruined his life. 

Obi quickly takes the reader into Beck’s struggle with the will to write and the interpersonal and external factors ...

Escaping Home

If you're a time travel fan, you'll find Christy Cooper-Burnett's Escaping Home offers a thrilling space-time bending journey. This is a novel with two plots interlocking into historical backgrounds then enriched by dangerous undertakings leading to a feeling of trepidation with every turn of the page. The author combines her knowledge ...

Escaping the Future

Escaping the Future by Adam Crozier is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure experienced by four young friends, Nic,  Tate, Sophia, and Zoe. The story starts with Nic trying to accept that he would soon lose his best friends because his family is moving. While enjoying some camaraderie with his friends before leaving, they discovered a spacecraft. ...

Ethical Occurrence in Government Contracting: Principled or Corrupt?

Ethical Occurrences in Government Contracting:Principled or Corrupt? by Sandra G. Haynes is an in depth account of the contracting system in the United States. Our country contracts many many things to many many people. Ms. Haynes has been involved in the system as a U. S. Navy Storekeeper, Government Contracting Officer and Manager. Her knowledge ...

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