Electro: a small Texas town - Book Review

Electro: a small Texas town

Author: David Lisenby
Genre: Fiction - Realistic
Date Published: October 1, 2018
ISBN-10: 978-1-7266-2653

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Book Review of :  Electro: a small Texas town


Electro: A Small Texas Town (EMP Book 1) written by David Lisenby is an entertaining apocalyptic tale that takes place in Hardin County, Texas.  The story opens with a prelude of the lives of the main characters; Levi, Arlene, Harold, Kay, Roxie, Alice, Bailey, and Ashlyn. Each of their introductions ends with their sudden immersion into this new apocalyptic world into which fate has cast them. Or was it something more than simple fate? A thunderstorm was raging when the first effects were felt. Was it lightning that precipitated the failure of electronic devices all across Hardin County or something more sinister; something manmade?  Was the storm itself also a result of something man had wrought on its own kind? The cause of the calamity remains unknown at first because without TV, radios, phones, modern transportation, etc. people have no way to communicate electronically in the fashion that the world currently relies on.  Finally, the assumption is that an EMP attack was perpetrated against America, but who is responsible? 
You don’t want to get too emotionally attached to the characters in Lisenby’s novel because their deaths are frequent occurrences as a result of the attack. 
Lisenby's novel illustrates the immediate effect that such an attack would cause to the over 300 million Americans who depend on their electronics and electricity to sustain their existence. Take away the airplanes, cars with computerized systems, cell phones, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, lights, radios, computers, elevators, trains, buses, etc how long could you survive?  That is the scenario Electro presents and what chaos ensues. 
If a deadly electromagnetic pulse was perpetrated that instantly disabled almost every electrical device in the U.S. how would you fare? Lisenby paints an eye-opening picture of how pervasive our reliance on power is. As you read his novel, you will find yourself asking do you have enough medication to maintain you for an extended period? Do you have enough food to last a month or more if there are no stores open?  Do you grow your own food or know those who would provide you with homegrown food?  Do you have a source for water if city water is no longer available? Do you have a gun and know how to hunt and to protect yourself when the world you live in becomes a lawless primal existence? 
Lisenby presents situations where his group of survivors wavers between their once held moral beliefs and those of amoral survivalist. Within just a couple days two of the group of survivors are dead. What do you do with the bodies in this new world that appears to lack even a functioning government? No twitter notification from a president in this land that has been unplugged and plunged into darkness. 
"Electro" is a smart, scary novel that vividly paints a devastated America. Lisenby creates some very believable characters that further lends credibility to the nightmarish scenario of an EMP attack.  This is an exciting book of speculative fiction that invites the reader to reflect on what makes life meaningful: what makes it worth living when even hope has virtually vanished. 
It’s a novel of a herculean struggle that illustrates the long-term effects of an EMP disaster that creates starvation, disease and roving gangs of thugs as the enemy.

About David Lisenby


David Lisenby is just your typical family man from Small Town, USA. He grew up in God's Country, better known as Southeast Texas, in a little community called Brittonville. You can't find that on any map, but it lies between Silsbee and Caney Head to the north/south and Village Creek and the Neches River to the east/west.

He spent his early life chasing rainbows and dreaming of what was yet to come. He started writing at a very early age, having his first poem published when he was 16-years-old. You may have heard about it; it was about his becoming a Dr. Pepper addict.

After entering into adulthood (in years, not necessarily attitude), David fell into the same pattern as most adults do - work, work, work. He entered the rat race and chased his tail while trying to make ends meet.

When he was 32, he was blessed by the birth of his first child (Shadrak Otho - yes, he was born SOL). A year later, his daughter (Bethany) came along. It was at that point in time that he stopped being David and became Daddy.

One thing that never changed was his passion for writing.

Like many other members of the male species, David had a trial wife before meeting and falling in love with an absolutely amazing, inspirational lady, Marsha Reed. Not every guy is lucky enough to find a lady that he can push around and get away with it, and who can't run away from him (she's in a wheelchair due to a trampoline accident when she was 16 - so be safe if you have one).

David is blessed.

David and Marsha eventually decided to stop the rat race and try a new venture. They started a newspaper. David always wanted to be a reporter (he's a newsaholic) but didn't stand a chance since he had no experience or formal training. The only thing they could do was make their own break and create their own publication. For a decade he worked in the field and became an award-winning journalist and photographer.

Life led the happy couple in a different direction. They followed the path God had chosen for them and were fortunate to spend a year focused on their mothers, who both died in 2017.

In 2018, David decided he was ready to do what he had been saying he was going to do for a half-century; write a book. Starting on September 10, he started writing the EMP trilogy. This was his first attempt at writing fiction. On December 22 of that same year, he completed the final installment of the trilogy.

Electro: a small Texas town, Magnetic: a small Texas town, and Pulse: a small Texas town are now available on Amazon.com. David is very proud of his work and plans to continue writing until he earns his Pulitzer Prize (or sees his trilogy on Netflix).

Stay tuned.

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