Ellie Cat Wants To Know How To Wake Up Happy Everyday - Book Review


Ellie Cat Wants To Know How To Wake Up Happy Everyday

Author: Sam Rice
Genre: Children - Animals Books
Publisher: Independently published
Date Published: April 2, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 9798389924406


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Book Review of :  Ellie Cat Wants To Know How To Wake Up Happy Everyday


"Ellie cat wants to know how to wake up happy every day" is written by Sam Rice. The children's book is a charming read-a-loud picture book that features a delightful grey kitten with an appealing smile. The vocabulary is appropriate for beginning readers with a little assistance and will contribute to vocabulary building.

Ellie, the cat, wants to wake up happy every day and have a wonderful day. When read at bedtime to a child that wakes up grouchy, this enchanting cat tale will encourage the child to think about and discuss what makes them happy during the day and to look forward to getting up happy in the morning. Adult readers may also learn about happiness from Ellie's thoughts.

Ellie uses her imagination to begin her plan. Since she was already awake, she decides to go back to sleep. Her plan becomes more difficult as she was not sleepy. However, she then determines to begin having a happy day immediately by choosing to have happy thoughts. She begins to play with cups, paper bags, and boxes that always made her happy. And she did feel happy.

Ellie imagined food and friends and painting that made her joyful. Her happy activities made her sleepy, and she went to bed. "Will she wake up happy?"

The conclusion emphasizes that neither toys, food, friends, nor games will make Ellie happy.

Happiness resides within you. Ellie's authentic joy in life doesn't rely on external factors or living conditions. True happiness is achievable, regardless of what you possess or lack.

She realizes that only she can choose to be happy. The Moral is to choose to be happy.

Reviewed by: carole

About Sam Rice


Sam Rice couldn't wait to grow up and contribute to her community. Interestingly, her community grew immensely, whereupon she lived in over 25 houses within 30 years of her adult life spanning over two countries. This wonderful fairy tale experience led Sam Rice to appreciate life like a child, where she found wonder all around that filled her with much laughter too. And so Sam Rice now writes for children to let them know that absolutely everything is "doable."


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