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One Day at a Time

Coco Barrington was born into a legendary Hollywood family, her last name loaded with expectations. Her mother is a mega-bestselling author who writes under the name of Florence Flowers—and her sister, Jane, is one of Hollywood's top producers. They're not your typical family by any means....Jane has lived with her partner, Liz, for ten years, ...

Outrageous: The Legend of Zesty Sundrops

Outrageous – The Legend of Zesty Sundrops by William Mark is a fictional account of the life of a man named Zesty Sundrops.  Mark recounts the fantastical deeds of this legendary war hero and occasional gun for hire.  Zesty is a very simple man, crafty, resourceful and very enigmatic. He lives his life in a madcap, screwball way through ...


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