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On Chocorua: Book 1 of the Trailblazer series

Author Robin Reardon pens a brilliantly written piece of coming of age fiction titled. On Chocorua: Book 1 of the Trailblazer series.  The relatable young gay protagonist, Nathan Bartlett, is struggling with who he is and how he can fit into the big world that he is a part of. The story takes place in New Hampshire, and as a native ...

One Boy's War

One Boy's War, by Nancy McDonald, is the anticipated sequel to Boy from Berlin.  These young adult novels are true-to-life adventures inspired by historical events. The plot of One Boy's War follows the exploits and struggles of ten-year-old Kafer Avigdor as he and his family strive to survive war-torn Europe in 1940.

The ...

One Day at a Time

Coco Barrington was born into a legendary Hollywood family, her last name loaded with expectations. Her mother is a mega-bestselling author who writes under the name of Florence Flowers—and her sister, Jane, is one of Hollywood's top producers. They're not your typical family by any means....Jane has lived with her partner, Liz, for ten years, ...

One Kingdom Under Heaven

   The year is 2029. The United States has been hit by a Chinese EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that has caused national chaos. One Kingdom Under Heaven by Alastair Luft takes the reader into the minds of a special-ops international infiltration team of assassins, and their counterparts, Chinese leaders’ intent ...

One Way Ticket

NY Times and USA Today best-selling author, Tricia O’Malley’s latest romance is a funny and heart-pounding story where booking a one-way ticket to paradise means starting over, letting go, and taking a chance on love…one more time.

When ...

Operation Bluebird

Criminal activity in London, England, 2014-2015, is the backdrop of Operation Bluebird, by Harry Old. The plot begins with tantalizing flashforward time slices that entice the reader to rapidly turn pages. The story is told through the actions and psychological musings of Carolyn, known as Carrie. She is an undercover detective with the ...

Out of Poland

Breakfield and Burkey’s, Out of Poland is a stand-alone novella with a gut-wrenching plot and strong, intriguing characters. This fiction is also the prequel to the highly acclaimed contemporary techno-thrillers, The Enigma Series.  Readers of the cyber mystery and suspense series will want to explore the historical back ...

Outrageous: The Legend of Zesty Sundrops

Outrageous – The Legend of Zesty Sundrops by William Mark is a fictional account of the life of a man named Zesty Sundrops.  Mark recounts the fantastical deeds of this legendary war hero and occasional gun for hire.  Zesty is a very simple man, crafty, resourceful and very enigmatic. He lives his life in a madcap, screwball way through ...


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