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Babouc's Vision

Babouc’s Vision, by Glen Searfoss, is a futuristic fantasy with a frightening social commentary. The story is set in 2041 in the city of CynCity, a nightmarish dystopian society.  Harl Babouc runs a small appliance and electronics repair shop in this dark cacotopia world. Searfoss’s narrative pervades a feeling of fear, hopelessness, ...

Bad Karma In The Big Easy

Bad Karma In The Big Easy by D. J. Donaldson is set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Medical Examiner Andy Broussard and his assistant Kit Franklyn have remained in New Orleans to tend to the bodies left behind after the terrible storm. New Orleans is mostly deserted save for the police department and medical examiners staff. Andy and Kit collect ...

Baker Street Irregular

Craig W. Fisher, the author of Baker Street Irregular, introduces his novel by stating that the title comes from a fictional gang in Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes" novels. The name was given to WWII British spy networks because of their location on Baker Street in Central London.

Fisher further states that his ...

Balance, Pedal, Breathe

Balance, Pedal, Breathe: A Journey through Medical School by Claire Unis MD is an entertaining yet informative memoir that explores and illuminates the personal and professional difficulties physicians face through their calling. Dr. Unis provides an insight into dealing with personal tribulations while facing the long, tedious hours required ...

Barnum's Angel

 Len Boswell's Barnum's Angel is an imaginatively more powerful historical fantasy than most historical fiction. The action takes place in the mid-1800s. Mysterious actions began in 1828 onboard the HMS Beagle near Tierra del Fuego. What is lurking on the ship? Why is the captain locked in his room? Is that death in ...

Beat Me With Your Words

Beat Me with Your Words, by Jenny Dee, reads like a novel but is so much more. The author’s Introduction makes her intention clear. The message of this fiction is not just to entertain but is an expose of the horrors of hidden, secret, emotional spousal abuse. Jenny Dee lays out the insidious nature of spousal abuse ...

Beleaguered Truth (Shattered Triangle Book 2)

Beleaguered Truth - Book II: The Shattered Triangle Trilogy by William P. Messenger is the continuation of the stories surrounding twin brothers, Giuseppe and Giovanni Lozano, and Detective Tom Moran. It’s a book about family loyalty, political aspirations, secrets, passion, and bloodshed.  The first book was Tom Moran’s ...

Believing The Lie

After writing sixteen Inspector Lynley novels, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George has millions of fans waiting for the next one. As USA Today put it, "It's tough to resist George's storytelling, once hooked." With Believing the Lie, she's poised to hook countless more. Inspector Thomas Lynley is mystified when he's ...

Bellini's Mimosa

Award-winning author, Annette G. Anders, has another hit romance novel with Bellini’s Mimosa. An avid traveler with intimate knowledge of the novel’s settings in Italy and later in New England, the author shares her understanding and love for culture and history that will excite both an experienced traveler and the armchair ...

Bertha - Shine Like the Dawn

A historical biography, Bertha, Shine like the Dawn by Lisa M. Hutchison, reads like a well-constructed novel. The author’s research into her German great-grandmother’s history in the mid-1800s produced a story of gritty survival and eternal love.
Bertha Hoffmann was born into a wealthy family but was orphaned and raised by both ...


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