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Holly Curby, author of Face-Lift. Embracing Hope Through Your Heartaches is a journalist with a background in marketing, management, leadership, and women's ministry. She writes in the first person, addressing her readers as if she is speaking to each one personally. Since 2008, Curby has been posting on Facebook and other social media.  Her ...

Facing the Dragon

Facing the Dragon by Philip Derrick is a Vietnam War mystery thriller about a young man, James Peterson who takes on the identity of a murdered soldier who had been on his way to serve a tour in Vietnam. Peterson, as crazy as it may seem, is only 15 years old when he assumes his new identity. Could a fifteen-year-old boy have the ability to pull ...

Fairlane Road

Andrew Jean was a retired detective who loved spending his days relaxing on his front porch, smoking cigarettes and reading books about philosophy. He had spent a career chasing bad guys up until he moved to the small town of Lamplight. It was there that he had faced the toughest case of his career. It was there that his wife left him and his daughter. ...

Fairy Tale Interrupted A Memoir of Life Love and Loss

To everyone else, John F. Kennedy Jr. may have been American royalty, but to RoseMarie Terenzio he was an entitled nuisance—and she wasn’t afraid to let him know it. RoseMarie was his personal assistant, his publicist, and one of his closest confidantes during the last five years of his life. In this, her first memoir, she bravely recounts her own Fairy ...

Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician's Struggle with Mental Illness

Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician’s Struggle with Mental Illness is a moving chronicle about the trials and tribulations of the author, Kyle Jones’ struggle to succeed in life while emotionally afflicted with severe depression and anxiety. Jones’ bouts with depression and anxiety reared its ugly existence when he was just ...

Falling Angels of America

Mario Peeples riveting book, "Falling Angels of America," is a unique novel that explores a futuristic world where government graft and police malfeasance become so rampant that a secret shadow organization evolves to force the necessary changes. The story takes place in 2030 but it could just as easily mirror much of what is currently ...

Falling Stars

Falling Stars, written by Julie Rogers, is an urban fantasy with a contemporary twist that offers a fresh take on vampire tropes. Brace yourself, secure your surroundings, and arm yourself with garlic to ward off these bloodsuckers while you follow the story of Tommy Lucas, a 9-year-old protagonist. He thinks he is a vampire ...

Farm Boy, City Girl

Farm Boy, City Girl: From Gene to Miss Gina, by John “Gene” Dawson, is a riveting tell-all memoir that includes intimate details of growing up on share-cropper farms in Iowa during the Tryin’ Thirties. Gene experienced many backbreaking chores as the oldest son of a farmer struggling to make-a-living for his family during ...

Fatal Transaction

Fatal Transaction by W. Richard Lawrence is a suspence thriller about Sara and the tumultuous life she is leading. Sara is a computer hacker and finds herself working for a less than trustworthy man. Sara truly is a computer programmer who finds herself "hacking" instead of "programming". There is not much her boss will not do to steal from others. ...

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