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Fairlane Road

Author: Cody Lakin
Genre: Fiction - Fantasy
Date Published: August 17, 2017
ISBN-10: 1612969143
ISBN-13: 9781612969145


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Book Review of :  Fairlane Road


Andrew Jean was a retired detective who loved spending his days relaxing on his front porch, smoking cigarettes and reading books about philosophy. He had spent a career chasing bad guys up until he moved to the small town of Lamplight. It was there that he had faced the toughest case of his career. It was there that his wife left him and his daughter. It was there that he chose to retire and contemplate.

Jezebel grew up in Lamplight. She was unique in many ways. Having been born with purple eyes and a natural beauty inside and out, she stood out. Nonetheless, she was more of a loner who preferred the company of her father than that of her peers. The only place that she felt comfortable and genuinely welcome was out on Fairlane Road. It was, to her, an entirely different world.
            Detective James Goode was on the scene to arrest a suspect in the cold-blooded murder of two teenage boys. When they found him out on Fairlane Road, Charlie Knox didn’t even put up a fight. He had just raised his hands above his head and surrendered. During questioning, they discovered that he was the son of Thomas and Susan Knox, a couple known to the detectives as “occult psychopaths” who had committed three murders a few years earlier before taking their own lives in the presence of their son.

Detective Goode had been rattled by the interrogation. He decided to go and see the man that he thought may offer some insight - the man who had been assigned to the Knox case so many years ago, Andrew Jean. Little did either man know but the search for answers sometimes leads in an unexpected direction. 

Author Cody Lakin follows up his first novel, Other Endings, with a spellbinding story of good vs. evil. This thought-provoking tale, Fairlane Road, captures the reader's attention as the search for a murderer plays out on the pages. As you read through the story you will find yourself pausing throughout to contemplate the conversations and insights of the characters as you learn more about them.

As the story unfolds, you’ll be transported to another realm; another world. With each new discovery, a new appreciation for the complexity of Lakin’s style of writing is revealed. Each layer that is peeled away brings a better understanding of the core of the story.

This book is worth the read. The story flows with a smooth rhythm, even with the occasional twist or turn that takes you by surprise. As the loose ends all come together with finality, you are left longing for more. “Fairlane Road,” is one of those novels that leaves you satisfied while hoping for its sequel in the near future.

About Cody Lakin


Cody Lakin is a freelance journalist and movie reviewer in his hometown in Northern California. He was raised in Mount Shasta, California, and now lives between there and Ashland, Oregon, ever seeking inspiration and frequenting book and movie stores.

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