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Holly Curby, author of Face-Lift. Embracing Hope Through Your Heartaches is a journalist with a background in marketing, management, leadership, and women's ministry. She writes in the first person, addressing her readers as if she is speaking to each one personally. Since 2008, Curby has been posting on Facebook and other social media.  Her posts were personal and genuine in nature, relating to her trials and fears. What began as a way to vent or journal hard-to-deal-with experiences expanded rapidly. She states that the posts helped her focus and enabled personal growth.
      Curby states that we all have a story to tell, and by being transparent to her Facebook readers, she was able to express her feelings freely and safely. Her readers responded to her with encouragement and understanding and related similar problems, thus leading to her current self-help book. Curby courageously shares her experiences with family and divorce, her frustrations with her parents' illnesses, her financial fears, and her feelings of being inadequate.  
      Throughout her memoir-like book, she openly shares her Christian faith and how it contributes to her positive attitude. She guides her readers to examine their own lives by first sharing her vulnerability and raw emotions through a short personal story. She then suggests an action takeaway for the readers to examine their own lives through guided activities. Third, she shares a Facebook post and a moral or "Face-Lift," and lastly, she recommends specific Biblical scripture verses to support her passion for understanding God's love in her life and the reader's life.
      Curby's steadfast perseverance when relying on trust in God and faith in His omniscient power provide hope for her future. By sharing her life story through her suggested activities and her uncompromising faith, the reader will be empowered to follow her suggestions.
      This book will edify the Christian believer who struggles with God's purpose in his life. The agnostic reader will gain insight into the peace and comfort provided by studying the specific scriptures. This well-written book's message of hope for a more satisfying life is paramount.

Holly Curby's book, Face-Lift: Embracing Hope Through Your Heartaches, is transformative. By skillfully merging Christian doctrine and personal stories, Curby offers readers a compelling guide to navigating life's challenges. Through her own journey filled with pain and hope, she shares wisdom and wit that will resonate with anyone facing adversity. Her book reminds us that God has a heart, loves, and wants to reside within us. Let this precious book be your remedy for finding hope in the midst of your daily struggles. Curby's book is a beautiful, vibrant  Christian book.

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Holly Curby


HOLLY CURBY WAS born in Missouri and moved to Utah when she was four years old for her father's pastoral ministry. She is a single mother of two children, Allee and Peyton. Holly became a Christian when she was seven years old. She has served in many areas of ministry: youth director and drama director (writing plays and directing community dinner theaters), directed the fellowship activities, discipleship training, Moms of Munchkins, and Women's Retreats. Holly has served as a deaconess and on the church outreach team. She has taught children, youth, and adult classes, and has been a group lead counselor in the AWANA ministry and member of the worship praise team at church. Holly has her master's degree in management and leadership from Western Governor's University, is a graduate of the University of Utah with a bachelor of science degree in mass communication, and has an associate of science degree in public relations. Holly is also a graduate of the Fellows Leadership program affiliated with the Chick-fil-A Inc Foundation, is a certified life coach, and has many certificates of completion, including travel and tourism, marketing from international shopping centers, youth director and drama director from Lifeway Christian Resources, a business class from HarvardX (an initiative of Harvard University) and has been a certified cruise specialist with many cruise lines. Holly has been in the marketing field for over twenty- five years, having served as assistant marketing manager and marketing director of local shopping malls and then as the events and sponsorships director for city chambers. She even served as an olympic liaison officer with the International Sports Broadcasting during the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Presently, Holly is the director of culture and community for two Chick-fil-A franchises in Utah. Holly has received many accolades for her leadership and community involvement, including Inspirational Award from the Chick-fil-A Foundation, Volunteer of the Year from her former church in West Valley City, Utah, Business Champion of the Year from ChamberWest Chamber of Commerce, and Employee of the Year from Macerich Company's Intermountain Region. Holly presently does public speaking at Women's Ministry events, including retreats, conferences, and special events. She has also attended women's business conferences and spoken at official city meetings and many school events. Holly is also the host of Holly's Highlights, a podcast designed to encourage, inspire, and equip listeners to intentionally live their life full of purpose. Holly is a contributing writer to Lifeway Journey women's devotional and writes a monthly Holly's Highlights column in the local Utah paper, the City Journals. Holly enjoys being with her family, traveling, watching movies, game nights, dining anywhere with patio seating, and simply getting to know people in an intimate setting - especially if it involves a porch swing.

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