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Vampire Stories and Poems

Vampire Stories and Poems by Glenn Stevens is not for the faint of heart - it's a blood-sucking masterclass in storytelling. So sink your fangs (or teeth) into these literary treats and suck the life out of every mesmerizing tale. Then, it's time to indulge in the undead!   Stevens gives you six Bloody Good Stories! Each one features ...

Vengeance in the Wind

Judy Bruce’s Vengeance in the Wind is the sixth installment of her Wind Series. The series is about the protagonist, Megan Docket, a small-town attorney whose passion is estate planning, but often has to act as an attorney in tort cases between townspeople in conflict.  Invariably Docket gets drawn into murder cases ...

Vengeance is Mine

Vengeance is Mine by Reavis Z. Wortham is the story of Center Springs, Texas - East Texas - a real nice quiet town. Not any more-enter Anthony Agrioli and his "girl". Agrioli needs to leave Las Vegas and find a place to hide and leave behind his crime boss. He chooses Center Springs - and the action, adventure and confrontation hit this small East ...

Vengefully Yours

Vengefully Yours by J. Rose Black provides a thrilling ride of romance, suspense, and mystery spiced with vengeance, longing, loyalty, and redemption. With an unparalleled imagination, this collection of short stories offers something for everyone – from fans of traditional mysteries to lovers of thrillers and ...


Veronica, by Veronica Holloman, is the story about the author’s life.  Holloman writes her story in the cadence of a storyteller who is sitting face to face with you recounting her memories of her life as they bubble to the surface of her consciousness. It’s in a literary style in which thoughts, feelings, and reactions are ...

Very Valentine

Meet the Roncalli and Angelini families, a vibrant cast of colorful characters who navigate tricky family dynamics with hilarity and brio, from magical Manhattan to the picturesque hills of bella Italia. Very Valentine is the first novel in a trilogy and is sure to be the new favorite of Trigiani's millions of fans around the world. In this ...


Violet by Sabrina Simon is a collection of touching and relatable love poems. Her poems will talk to your soul and mind and express your deepest thoughts.  Simon's writing style is easy to follow and really lets you "feel" your emotions as you read her prose. Violet is ...

Vivie's Secret

Vivie’s Secret by Terry Lee Caruthers is a fictionalized biographical account of a woman who, at age twelve, became a Hungarian refugee as a result of Russia’s 1956 invasion of Hungary. After an arduous task to escape the incursion, she eventually becomes an American citizen. Vivie was 60 years old when she died, leaving behind 60 ...


Vortex by, Kimberly Packard is a thrilling tale of Promethean defiance, of man against nature. It is a combination of natural dangers, life-threatening disasters, a quest of love and the bane of human malice. Packard interweaves some charismatic characters, interesting plot lines, and a few horrific disaster scenes and you have a book ...


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