Vengefully Yours - Book Review

Vengefully Yours

Author: Jenn Black
Genre: Fiction - Short Stories/Anthologies
Publisher: Black Label Press
Date Published: June 18, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8988182313

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Book Review of :  Vengefully Yours


Vengefully Yours by J. Rose Black provides a thrilling ride of romance, suspense, and mystery spiced with vengeance, longing, loyalty, and redemption. With an unparalleled imagination, this collection of short stories offers something for everyone – from fans of traditional mysteries to lovers of thrillers and noir tales. 

In Angel of La Seine, a former police officer turned private investigator grapples with the temptation of a captivating singer while entrusted with safeguarding illicit funds. 

In the Dead of the Night -   Ryder Burich, an enigmatic character haunted by his past, encounters a life-altering situation that unfolds during a pivotal encounter between him and a woman named Larissa, the daughter of a deceased man. He saves her life, but there is much more in this compelling tale. 

Behind the Eight Ball tells the tale of Honor Cormac, a resilient ex-Navy SEAL turned mechanic who confronts a shattered future and a former flame's unexpected return. His reunion with Aurelie, the daughter of a powerful US Senator, sets the stage for a new adventure. 

Stark Homecoming tells the gripping story of Stellan Stark, a paramilitary assassin torn between seeking closure and defying orders. As he confronts his haunting past and a mysterious decade-old relationship, and how does the enigmatic Ambassador Cordray enter the picture? Uncover the fragility of our existence as every move Stellan makes is under intense surveillance. His future fate hangs in the balance, forcing him to make a life-altering decision. 

The Nightmare: A Deadly Pursuit in London!" Maxen, a skilled ex-Marine intelligence operative, teams up with determined journalist Aveline Watson to hunt down a ruthless killer. The victim? None other than Dr. John Watson, Aveline's father, and assistant to the famous Sherlock Holmes. A story of suspense, danger, and family ties. And learn of the mysterious world of Professor Moriarty.

And finally, the tale of A Fool to Hold You - which takes place in 1948 in Los Angeles. The protagonist is a Private Investigator named Joe Casey with a troubled past who has a vengeance mission to disrupt a corrupt politician's re-election party. But when an alluring femme fatale enters the picture, Joe Casey must decide if she will lead him astray or become his path to redemption. 

J Rose Black has the ability to write with persuasive lucidity about completely insane situations. And always drops the reader right into the middle of it. These are short stories that combine mystery and romance in unexpected ways. Each tale will sweep you away to unknown destinations and ignite your senses in a way that only great fiction can. The characters in these stories are driven by a desire to uncover truths or achieve their goals, only to be interrupted by the power of love. Vengefully Yours is a rollercoaster of surprising twists, turns, and over-the-top conclusions. 

About Jenn Black


J. Rose Black weaves stories about obsession, redemption, and the transcendental power of love. From her early days writing fanfiction for a passionate following of international readers, to crafting novels with her own characters, Rose has always been drawn to broody protectors and plucky, no-nonsense women ready to fight for what they believe in. When Rose isn't deeply immersed in her latest manuscript, she's working in cyber security and thwarting the next generation of internet bad guys. Out of the office, she's #Shipping with friends over her favorite, swoon-worthy couples, heading to the gym to battle the great evil that is Unmovable Baby Weight, or complaining about her husband's addiction to 3D printing. Also: nagging her children to eat something other than cheese. To learn more about Rose's stories and the characters and worlds visited in this book, check out her website:

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