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Vampire Stories and Poems by Glenn Stevens is not for the faint of heart - it's a blood-sucking masterclass in storytelling. So sink your fangs (or teeth) into these literary treats and suck the life out of every mesmerizing tale. Then, it's time to indulge in the undead!   Stevens gives you six Bloody Good Stories! Each one features a unique vampiric character that'll have you on the edge of your coffin. No garlic is required to read these stories, just a thirst for adventure.  
Below is a brief introduction to a couple of the short stories: 

It's All Hallows' Eve, and the Count is throwing the bash of the undead century. Cheerleaders Jill and Vickie are the lucky guests chosen to attend Dracula's Ball. Jill is a wild child, always down for a good time, and Vickie is her more reserved friend who goes along with the plan anyway. Can these two pump up the party and fend off evil forces to win the grand prize? 

A creepy neighbor with a voice that could rival Count Dracula's is begging the next-door teenager to babysit their little Johnny. But here's the kicker: this kid is pint-sized but possesses Herculean strength and an insatiable desire to chow down on anything within arm's reach that has blood pulsing. And just to up the ante, a storm hits to set the spooky mood. When Johnny's hunger hits, he starts eyeing his babysitter like a fresh meal. Can a teen babysitter stay alive and tackle this superhuman Johnny until dawn breaks?  

Karen's new neighbor isn't just a "True Blood" fan; true blood is his salvation. Soon after he moves in, a woman is found dead nearby, drained of her blood with fang-like puncture wounds on her neck. Yup, that's right, it looks like Karen's neighbor's a blood-sucking vampire...or is he? He gets arrested for the murder but somehow gets out of jail and now wants to be friends with Karen and take refuge with her. Hmm, let's see...friendly neighbor or potential bloodsucker? Is she the next item on his menu?

The Count is having Italian for dinner. He's ordered in, and, surprise, surprise, it's not pizza! Nope, it's a famous porn star. But this isn't a casual hookup, Count Dracula wants to wine and dine her and try to convince her that vampires are real. Talk about a fun first date idea! He's even set the mood with Frank Sinatra tunes and jasmine-scented candles. Meanwhile, a raging thunderstorm is going down outside to ramp up the drama. The porn star is totally the vamp's dream date, what with her A-negative blood pulsing all sexy-like in her neck. His favorite blood type. Will she make it out of this escort job alive? She's not a believer in vampires, but she's willing to play along with the Count's fantasy till the bitter end. His relationships just don't seem to last very long, probably because he sucks. 

There's a thirsty vampire on the loose in downtown Chicago. The police are hot on the bloodsuckers' trail. Detective John Russell and his partner Amy are on the case after finding a naked lady covered in puncture wounds and without a drop of blood left in her. Things are about to get really spooky because it looks like this vampire has struck before...five years ago on Halloween night. John actually saw the killer that night, and now he's got a sneaking suspicion that the same bad vamp is back for more. Blood-drained bodies are found all over Chicago. Can the cops put a stop to this before the city suffers even more dead, or will Chicago become a Vampire's all-you-can-drink buffet? 

Joe's Valentine's gift to his wife was something genuinely unique - a tiny teddy bear all the way from Romania! But don't be fooled by its cuteness. This little guy has a bit of a dark side and a seriously ravenous appetite to match. It's the kind of present that just keeps on biting... in very deadly ways! 

Stevens' spooky collection of poetry is packed with beautiful rhymes and symbolic imagery written to send shivers down your spine. The poems are just as unique and exciting as the six short stories, and they beautifully capture the spirit of lost souls. The poetry is like emotional candy for readers of dark vampire stories. 
Get your copy now and get ready to be spooked and seduced! 

Reviewed by: James B

About Glenn Stevens


Glenn grew up in Chicago glued to the TV watching Dark Shadows every summer afternoon. In that highly-rated soap, it was Barnabas Collins who first ignited Glenn's passion for vampires. The more romantic and erotic vampire stories like Dracula and the many films by Hammer set that passion ablaze - a passion that still exists in his many writings on sale today. His favorite story is titled "Blood Relations" where his vampire travels across the galaxy, becomes marooned on Earth, and is forever searching for the perfect love. When Glenn isn't writing, he's shopping with his wife of 30+ years, helping his community, or reading and watching vampire-themed books and movies. Glenn is a storm spotter, licensed private pilot, NAUI/PADI scuba diver, Space Camp alumni, an ordained minister with ULC, and licensed Ham radio operator.

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