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Glenn Stevens, the author of Blood Relations, developed an interest in vampires as a young boy. Not satisfied with what he read, he wrote his own unique vampire stories. Blood Relations is an unusual amalgamation of a paranormal romance combined with science fiction, romance, and fantasy. The genre fusion leads to a dark theme; "What Are You Willing to Give to Live Forever?"

The plot follows Eros through the ages, from the tragic crash landing of his spaceship onto a strange planet to realizing that he has lost his memory. He is constantly cold and hungry for human blood. Not just any blood, but female blood. He discovers that he craves female companionship as much as their blood and that the women he encounters quickly fall in love with him. As time passes, Eros becomes involved with a variety of women that complicate his life. The development of the character of Eros and the various women reveals conflict in personalities, emotions, and female traits of jealousy. 

The discovery that Eros' venom changes female DNA to heal wounds, cure illnesses, and enhance sexual lust results in a medical clinic that Eros establishes to explore the cause and effect of his venom's properties. Eros is easily chilled to the point of hyperthermia and unconsciousness. He designs and builds an exclusive resort in Daytona Beach, Florida, for his protection and as a blood donation center. Surrounded by extreme luxury, visitors to the resort enjoy a vacation after donating blood and receiving enhanced supplements. They leave their blood and some of their wealth behind in order to be permitted to return. 

Eros is attracted to the jugular of very beautiful women. His scent acts like an aphrodisiac that entices women to quickly fall in love with him and be willing to do anything for him. The storyline takes him from one specific and unique woman to another. Romantic scenes are visually intense and sensual. However, the women's interaction is unpredictable and causes Eros despair and conflict.

The author has an eye for minute detail and is amazingly descriptive of the Caribbean atmosphere at Wishes Resort. Tropical flowers and palm trees enhanced with tiny flickering lights provide a background for sumptuous exotic meals accompanied by orchestral mood music. Sandy beaches and starry nights add to the ambiance.

In summary, Eros is an otherworldly creature with chilling vampire-like traits but also bestowed with exceptional powers that benefit humanity. From start to finish, Eros will captivate you with his mesmerizing allure. This story combines science fiction, fantasy, and romance, producing a genuinely distinctive tale. What sets this story apart is Eros' idiosyncratic qualities and the intricate characters that support him. These relatable characters will keep you hooked as you navigate through the twists and turns of the storyline. Every chapter is a thrilling revelation, including uncovering the mysteries of Eros' intriguing venom and his laboratory experiments. This is an unconventional fantasy that is a page-turner.

Readers of intense romantic stories will enjoy this book even if they are less enthusiastic about vampires. The plot twists near the conclusion will, cause readers to keep turning pages well into the night.

Reviewed by: carole

About Glenn Stevens


Glenn grew up in Chicago glued to the TV watching Dark Shadows every summer afternoon. In that highly-rated soap, it was Barnabas Collins who first ignited Glenn's passion for vampires. The more romantic and erotic vampire stories like Dracula and the many films by Hammer set that passion ablaze - a passion that still exists in his many writings on sale today. His favorite story is titled "Blood Relations" where his vampire travels across the galaxy, becomes marooned on Earth, and is forever searching for the perfect love. When Glenn isn't writing, he's shopping with his wife of 30+ years, helping his community, or reading and watching vampire-themed books and movies. Glenn is a storm spotter, licensed private pilot, NAUI/PADI scuba diver, Space Camp alumni, an ordained minister with ULC, and licensed Ham radio operator.

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