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K-Town Confidential

K-Town Confidential by authors Brad Chisholm and Claire Kim is a story about a young lawyer Holly Park who becomes entrenched in a high stakes murder case as the criminal defense lawyer for the accused, teenager Naomi Linser.  The authors of K-Town Confidential have spun a riveting story supported by "real life" legal realities.  ...

Kat & Maus

Kat & Maus is a romance novel written by Brad Chisholm & Claire Kim and published by Black Rose Writing.  The book is a great study of the insecurities that often develop and wreak havoc in a relationship.  Mark Bell is a successful attorney with an extraordinary beautiful wife, Kat, who was a former Playboy playmate. Kat was ...

Keeper of the Hourglass: Apius's Revenge

A young adult suspense novel, Apius’s Revenge by G. L. Garrett, is an exciting sequel to the author’s first book, Keeper of the Hourglass, the Life and Death of Peter Nichols. This sequel can be read as a stand-alone tale, the back story from the previous book is well integrated into this new ...

Keeper of the Hourglass: The Life and Death of Peter Nichols

Author, G.L. Garrett, tackles a difficult topic in his young adult novel Keeper of the Hourglass. The Life and Death of Peter Nichols. The book delves into a particularly difficult theme: death and the afterlife, as told in the voice of a ten-year-old boy named Peter. The first sentence grabs the reader. “It’s as simple as this: ...

Keeper of the Watch (Dimension 7)

Keeper of the Watch: Dimension 7 is a fascinating YA Sci-Fi novel by Kristen Jackson. It is a strange tale about an eighteen-year-old man, Chase Walker, who is thrust into becoming the new custodian of an old watch that’s imbued with various powers including being a weapon, a key to other dimensions, an alarm signaling danger and numerous other ...

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows by Andrew D. Cratsley is the story of Corinth - an elf. Corinth is sent from his homeland to a troubled area. There he has to contend with Khalid, the Lord of Conquest. Corinth meets and takes up with Aventis and Nadine - and boy oh boy do the adventures begin. You will be very entertained and entranced ...


Keeping Up With God by Donnetta Wilhelm and Connie Zimmerman is a memoir about Connie Zimmerman’s journey in creating a nonprofit called RB Ranch that did business as Colorado Homeless Families. This organization provided homes and ultimately a future to those they helped. Connie Zimmerman depicts her accomplishments ...

Kick Ball Slay

Kick Ball Slay. An Introduction to West Coast Swing… and a Murder Mystery, by Doug Dorsey. Dorsey is a best-selling author who exemplifies the author’s adage to “write what you know.”  Who better to write murder mysteries than a former prosecuting attorney who spent over 15 years fighting crime. Dorsey’s experience ...

Killer in the Kitchen

Award-winning author Judy L. Murray is a master of mystery suspense. Her second book, Killer in the Kitchen, is set in the Chesapeake Bay Area, as was her first, Murder in the Master.  Judy Murray is an author to watch rise in the cozy mystery genre. Plenty of red herrings, well-plotted mysteries, and a couple of hints of romance will keep the ...

Kinky Roots

The title of Kinky Rootsby Ingrid Arlington, sets the tone of a fascinating memoir that contains philosophical gems. The author was reared in Zimbabwe and Johannesburg, South Africa, and is of African heritage and culture, thus her kinky hair and her kinky family heritage. “Growing up, your hair was your crown…The ...


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