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Lady President

Lady President by Linda Owen is the story of the President of the United States-Stephanie Franklin. Her term of office coincides with the term of a ruthless African dictator that has been compared to Stalin. Bantu Sibaba is taking over Africa and needs to be stopped. If that weren't enough for Stephanie to deal with, she is also faced with personal, ...

Leading From the Feminine

Leading from the Feminine, by Laurie Benson, is subtitled A Guide to Accessing Your Deeper, Feminine Wisdom Needed to Heal Our Global Disconnection. This thought-provoking tome is the result of the author's question, "What story, or deep wisdom, is living inside you ready to be shared?" Benson's message is to inspire men as well ...

Learning on the Fly and Laughing Till I Cry

Learning on the Fly and Laughing till I Cry. A Journal of Mothering, My Daughter from Ages One to Seven, is a charming memoir drawn from the journals the author, Deb Preston, kept while her daughter was growing up. Preston taps into the hearts and minds of moms with her stories. The author states that as the mom of a newborn, ...

Left for Dead at Nijmegen

Author Marcus A, Nannini conducted many in-depth interviews with WWII veteran, Gene Metcalfe. Left for Dead at Nijmegen sub-titled The True Story of an American Paratrooper in World War II is so intriguing that it would read as a memoir if written in the first person. Gene’s personality and memory allow his story to be recreated with astounding ...

Liberty Bound

Nathaniel M. Wrey, author of a futuristic fantasy, Liberty Boundhas created a refreshingly different view of a survival tale. Through his study of history and understanding of the present, his rapid-fire narrative takes the reader into criminal minds, violence, and movie/ screenplay adaptable action.

Finbarl, ...

Liberty-Loving Lafayette

Liberty-Loving Lafayette by Dorothea Jensen, is a unique, poetic, historical presentation of how "America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman" contributed to winning American Independence. Jensen's well-researched and accurate history is presented in a lyrical, poetic rhyme scheme reminiscent of Longfellow's "The Midnight Ride ...

Lies In the Wind

In Judy Bruce's "Lies in the Wind" Book 5 of the Wind Series, Attorney Megan Docket visits the crime scene of what appears to be a murder and the suicide of the murderer, but something looks or feels terribly wrong to Megan. She scopes out the scene but is stymied with what is amiss. Suddenly in the middle of the night, she has ...

Life Is Free, Information Is Not: Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Result of Shannon's Machine Information Theory (MIT) Has Disrupted Civilization, ... with the Human

Life is Free, Information is Not (LIFIIN) by Francis Hsu is a fascinating examination of a subject that represents, defines, records, and explains our very existence, we call it “information.”  What is information? What is its value?  Hsu postulates that the most important purpose of information is that it stores “meaning.”  ...

Little Shadow

Little Shadow by S. L. Schultz is a compelling story about a small town family. Not just any family--each person you meet in Little Shadow will have a story. The matriarch of the family believes the falling of a painting from the wall signifies impending death. From that point on you will be trying to "figure" out who and when. That will last until ...

Little Star

What a heartwarming story. Anthony DeStefano so brilliantly ran the parallel between Jesus being born poor in a stable and a weak little star. The story can easily be understood and appreciated by the youngest readers. We are all important and perform important tasks no matter how small, weak or unappreciated we are. What a wonderful story ...

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