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Lady President

Lady President by Linda Owen is the story of the President of the United States-Stephanie Franklin. Her term of office coincides with the term of a ruthless African dictator that has been compared to Stalin. Bantu Sibaba is taking over Africa and needs to be stopped. If that weren't enough for Stephanie to deal with, she is also faced with personal, ...

Lies In the Wind

In Judy Bruce's "Lies in the Wind" Book 5 of the Wind Series, Attorney Megan Docket visits the crime scene of what appears to be a murder and the suicide of the murderer, but something looks or feels terribly wrong to Megan. She scopes out the scene but is stymied with what is amiss. Suddenly in the middle of the night, she has ...

Life Is Free, Information Is Not: Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Result of Shannon's Machine Information Theory (MIT) Has Disrupted Civilization, ... with the Human

Life is Free, Information is Not (LIFIIN) by Francis Hsu is a fascinating examination of a subject that represents, defines, records, and explains our very existence, we call it “information.”  What is information? What is its value?  Hsu postulates that the most important purpose of information is that it stores “meaning.”  ...

Little Shadow

Little Shadow by S. L. Schultz is a compelling story about a small town family. Not just any family--each person you meet in Little Shadow will have a story. The matriarch of the family believes the falling of a painting from the wall signifies impending death. From that point on you will be trying to "figure" out who and when. That will last until ...

Little Star

What a heartwarming story. Anthony DeStefano so brilliantly ran the parallel between Jesus being born poor in a stable and a weak little star. The story can easily be understood and appreciated by the youngest readers. We are all important and perform important tasks no matter how small, weak or unappreciated we are. What a wonderful story ...

Lost and Found

Two brilliant scientists pioneer a means of exploring for hidden oil reserves using satellite technology. However, they find a treasure worth much more than black gold-real gold, in every sunken treasure ship in the world's oceans. Together with a beautiful dive master and salvage expert, the treasures of antiquity are all there for the taking-if ...

Love from the Barricade

Ashley Jean Granillo pens a wonderful coming of age novel titled Love from the Barricade. It is about a girl named Aijae Cruz, a young woman immersed in the music scene.  Aijae dreams that she will be the girlfriend or wife of some famous band member. She has created her fantasy lover named, Caleb Woodman of the Sync Street ...

Low Growth

Christian Thompson's book of poems covers a very wide spectrum of subject matter--love, loss, humanity, etc. When reading his poems you will feel, ponder, comtemplate and marvel. The insight at times feels bright and liberating-Thompson puts words to feelings, moods and attitudes. Thompson is insightful of life and living and what it really means. ...

Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit

In Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit, Maria Isabel Pita gives a Christian insight into the practice of lucid dreaming. There are some pointers for the amateur dreamer, but the book's real theme is the role of those dreams in her spititual awakening and conversion. Maria provides excerpts from her dream journal. She explains what happens in each ...

Lusty Little Women

Lusty Little Women by Margaret Pearl is the story of Jo, Meg and Beth as older young women. With that being said, the "girls" have grown both in age and personalities. This is not the Little Women you read about with Alcott. They are adventurous, passionate and interesting. Pearl does a great job keeping the familiarity we had with the girls in Alcott's ...

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