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REARRANGED: An Opera Singer's Facial Cancer and Life Transposed

Kathleen Watt had realized her ambition of singing as a chorister in the Metropolitan Opera Company when she met a seemingly terrible tragedy. Her intriguing memoir, Rearranged, An Opera Singer’s Facial Cancer and Life Transposed, documents her discovery and courageous fight with osteogenic sarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer in the facial sinus ...

Reflections of Life

Jon M. Nelson has written one of the most moving books of poetry I have ever read--Reflections of Life. There are five sections in the book-depicting different areas of his life. Each of these sections include very heartfelt, moving and stirring poems. American Pride - poems that only could have been written by a soldier who served his country. ...

Requiem For The Dead

 A criminal investigation or a terrorist plot?  Requiem for the Dead by Victor M. Alvarez is a military cloak and dagger thriller written by an authority on military protocol with years of personal experience.  The suspense novel is well researched and relatable, set in and around military installations in Stuttgart, ...

Retire Not Expire . . . Plan Your Transition

Retire not Expire by J. L. Edwards is a true guide book for anyone who anticipates being around to retire sometime in the future.  It is a well-written book with great insight into today's often complicated world of investments.  This short but insightful book is a friendly/casual read, not dry at all—like many similar books. ...


Revolution, by David Dorrough, is an enigma, a novel of perplexity. The author introduces several well-fleshed-out characters living in greater Los Angles during contemporary times. His narrative-driven story is remarkable in that the reader soon becomes engrossed in the ordinary but complicated lives of his diverse cast of characters ...

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlen is about the sister of the anchor of the most popular morning news show on TV. Bridget watches her sister Meghan's life fall apart when she utters two forbidden words into a camera she thought was off. Use these book club discussion questions on Rise and Shine to discuss this book on celebrity, New York, and family relationships.

Rise of the Maquis

The author of Rise of the Maquis,  Charles.G.Fournel, is an English writer whose vocabulary usage and writing style add a deal of authenticity to this novel about World War II.. Fournel has a family interest in World War II, especially with the resistance groups. His deep interest in the war allows him to write ...

Rock Step Triple Homicide: An Introduction to Lindy Hop... AND a Murder Mystery

Rock Step Triple Homicide by Doug Dorsey is an enthralling story of a dance cruise vacation adventure that goes awry. Detective Evann Myrick, a retired law enforcement officer who cracked The West Coast Swing murders, and his lady friend Victoria Monroe have embarked on a dance cruise for some well-deserved rest and ...


Roo's Fine Flapping Day: At Flaky Acres Feather Farm by Auralee Arkinsly and illustrated by Yolanda  Van Heerden is an adorable children's book about a Rooster name Roo Rooster who wandered into an area on a farm where she was not welcomed and was caught munching on some delicious sunflower seeds by Roo Wallaby. Roo Rooster is sort of ...

Rookie Killer

Rookie Killer by Judi Wallower, is a detailed and intriguing fictional account of Ohio’s first female serial killer that’s told as a narrative by the killer herself. 

The novel begins with the main character, 34-year-old Randi Nolan, locked up in Walkashaw ...


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