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reflections-of-life.jpg Jon M. Nelson has written one of the most moving books of poetry I have ever read--Reflections of Life. There are five sections in the book-depicting different areas of his life. Each of these sections include very heartfelt, moving and stirring poems. American Pride - poems that only could have been written by a soldier who served his country. These poems delve into the heart, soul and life of a soldier. Each poem could only have been written by someone who had experienced and lived through serving our country in the military. Every American needs to read these poems. My favorite--A Soldier's Night Before Christmas. Love of a Lifetime-beautifully written poems from the heart about his love. Jon puts into words the absolute and pure love he has for his wife. These poems are as touching as anything you will ever read. My favorite--The Reason. Human Nature-poems about us as people. He delves into pay it forward, the human race and many other facets of life that we daily do not give thought to. These poems will have you looking inside yourself and aspiring to what you have read and what you can do. Jon includes poems that are very insightful of us as people of the world and of our world. My favorite--United World. A Darker Side--poems that tackle the not so pleasant but very real side of our world. These poems are as thought provoking as any you will read. My favorite--Bullying God's Beauty--God's path, darkness followed by light, fright followed by overcoming. Prince of Peace, the perfect Man. Beautifully written encouraging poems. My favorite--The Snowman Reflections of Life are beautiful, touching poems that can be drawn from everyday. It is the book you will want to keep at hand and reach for each day to enjoy. You will shed a tear and wear a smile.

About Jon M. Nelson

nelson-jon-m..jpg Jon M. Nelson was born and raised in Minnesota for the majority of his life until he joined the Army at 20 years old. Since then he has called many places home and has traveled the world on several occasions. In his spare time, when he's not busy as a soldier, he shares his deepest and personal thoughts in the form of poetry. He has written many poems to honor his brothers and sisters in arms, but he has written so much more than that. Whether it's a love poem for his wife, a spiritual salute to God, a praise to children and family, or even an inspiring tale to uplift humanity, Jon's poetry touches on so many subjects that can be read and shared by so many audiences, even if they've never been a fan of poetry. Jon hopes that his writing will in some way make an impact on the world, and make it a better place, even if it can just change or inspire one person.

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