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Unboxing Raymond

Len Boswell, the author of Unboxing Raymond, is an award-winning author of several novels, including the Simon Grave Mysteries. In this narrative, Boswell recollects memories of his emotionally abusive, estranged father, Raymond. Boswell’s curiosity was stirred when he received a box from his late sister’s ...

Undressing Mr. Darcy

Vanessa Roberts works in the world of PR. She is very much linked in this world, but decides to take on a project for her Aunt Ella. Aunt Ella is a Jane Austen enthusiast. Vanessa takes on this project because it is so close to Aunt Ella's heart. Together they are promoting "Mr. Darcy". Vanessa soon learned that the author, Julian is portraying ...

Unlock Happiness By Mastering The Self

Unlock Happiness by Mastering the Self by Shobeir Shobeyri is a distinctive contribution to the self-help genre. This self-help guide delves into the intricacies of human nature and the impact of societal norms on our lives. The ultimate rule is simple-- treat yourself and others with kindness, and embrace growth and transformation.
In his ...

Unnatural Acts

Stuart Woods is in top form…and so is his perennially popular hero, Stone Barrington! When a hedge fund billionaire hires Stone Barrington to talk some sense into his wayward son, it seems like an easy enough job; no one knows the hidden sins and temptations of the ultra-wealthy better than Stone. But as Stone and his erstwhile protégé, Herbie Fisher, ...


Unplugged by Joe Barrett is another one of his farcical novels that tells the story of a man, Dan Johnson,  who appeared to have everything anyone could ever want. He was a success in the business world, had a beautiful woman wanting to marry him and tons of money. He had it all, yet life still felt unsatisfying to him. His immense fortune didn’t ...


Unregistered, by P T Lacy, is a fun fantasy or science fiction novel with dystopian overtones. Set in the year 2000, in and near London, the novel inspires the reader to look into the future, or is it the past? At this time, one in a million ordinary people are known to have been born with talents and strange abilities, such as being able to fly ...


Unrequited by Truth Devour - Book 2 in the Trilogy (Book 1 Wantin). Fast forward 5 years with Talia. She is an intriguing young woman. In Wantin we read about the informative years of Talia, but in Unrequited she is grown and we can better understand and see the life road she is traveling. Talia is a well traveled young lady-due to her wealth. ...

Until Forever

    Luisa Cloutier’s, “Until Forever,” is a memoir and a love story about a vibrant Italian woman who tastes life's many flavors. It’s a story that spans continents and cultures. It’s written as a tribute to her husband Brandon, and her story is an elegant, witty, frank, touching, and deeply personal account ...

Upon This Throne

Pamela Taylor, author of Upon This Throne, has created a masterful Volume Four in her Second Son Chronicles series. Readers of medieval adventure based on historical facts, fictional adventures, and well-fleshed out, relatable characters will find this novel engrossing. Reading Taylor is like slowing down to absorb history through entangled ...


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