Falling Angels of America - Book Review


Falling Angels of America

Author: Mario Peeples
Genre: Young Adult - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Date Published: January 23, 2018
ISBN-10: 9788154348
ISBN-13: 9781543480191


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Book Review of :  Falling Angels of America


Mario Peeples riveting book, "Falling Angels of America," is a unique novel that explores a futuristic world where government graft and police malfeasance become so rampant that a secret shadow organization evolves to force the necessary changes. The story takes place in 2030 but it could just as easily mirror much of what is currently happening in today's world. The protagonist is a young man named Mark Johnson, whose goal in life is to be a lawyer. Peeples quickly introduces you to the other main characters in the story. One of Mark's paramount relationships is with an old school friend named Harold who was wasting away as a petty drug dealer. It was an odd relationship because Mark was a young African American straight-arrow type of guy who wanted to be successful and valuable to his community but felt that once he was practicing law, Harold would be his conduit to those who would eventually need his help. The value of Harold's friendship become important much sooner when Mark realizes he has mysteriously attracted some unwanted attention. They seem to be following him everywhere. Mark needs someone with street smarts to be his eyes, ears, and protector from these unknown forces and Harold, his trusted friend meets all the criteria. Mark's life is about to change dramatically. He would soon discover how naive he was about the world he lived in. He will soon learn why so many mass murders happen and why crime is so rampant. In fact, he will learn to his astonishment that he is living in a dystopia that is orchestrated by a corrupt government. Unfortunately, he is also very naive about his beautiful girlfriend, Sarah, who he is totally smitten with and committed to, but unknown to him commitment is not Sarah's forte.
Once he discovers who is following him and why, he is swept up into an operation that is trying to take down the power brokers who are orchestrating the rampant corruption and crime that has affected the southern region of the United States. He suddenly finds himself conscripted as a member of an elite organization called the "Falling Angels of America," or "FAOA." Being a member of the FAOA is a very perilous endeavor; it requires Mark to infiltrate criminal elements and expose himself to crooked cops and a failed justice system. The organization is so clandestine, that there are only three people in power who can attest that he works for the government. Mark also needs to be concerned with a technological discovery called "Stardust," that can read and control minds of those exposed to it. Stardust can make individuals more prone to commit crimes.
Being a member of "FAOA," is in a very tenuous assignment. While reading Peeples' book you might wonder if he is really writing about a future dystopia or is his book intended as a commentary of today's broken justice system? The book is fast-paced and speaks volumes about social injustice and the despair and hardships of those who are without power. Peeples' book is a study of a world that needs to be fixed. It is a world that he describes as fictional but could it become tomorrow's reality or is it already here in the world we live in.

About Mario Peeples

Mario Peeples earned his degree in business economics from Auburn University at Montgomery. He studied law at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He currently resides in Mobile, Alabama.

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