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Escaping the Future

Escaping the Future by Adam Crozier is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure experienced by four young friends, Nic,  Tate, Sophia, and Zoe. The story starts with Nic trying to accept that he would soon lose his best friends because his family is moving. While enjoying some camaraderie with his friends before leaving, they discovered a spacecraft. ...

Ethical Occurrence in Government Contracting: Principled or Corrupt?

Ethical Occurrences in Government Contracting:Principled or Corrupt? by Sandra G. Haynes is an in depth account of the contracting system in the United States. Our country contracts many many things to many many people. Ms. Haynes has been involved in the system as a U. S. Navy Storekeeper, Government Contracting Officer and Manager. Her knowledge ...

Even You

Even You by Marilyn Oser opens with Claire Bramany speeding down the highway with the backseat of her Honda Accord filled with the contents of Jessie's desk. Claire and Jessie have been friends and lovers for years--it is 1995 and Jessie has had a terrible accident that takes her life. Claire usually has her wits about her and is your steady-eddy ...


Evermark by Annie B. Carwyn is the story of Liam and Roselyn and their daughters. The story is set in 1609 and deals with adultery between a man and two young girls. One of the girls, Opal, tells her parents about the incidents--which results in Liam's arrest and torture. Roselyn is home with her daughters when the authorities arrive to let her ...

Everyone Is an Entrepreneur

Gregory V. Diehl’s new nonfiction, Everyone is an Entrepreneur, Selling Economic Self-Determination in a Post-Soviet World, is an informative and entertaining source of valuable economic information. The author bases his edifying text on his vast experience as an American living in post-communist Armenia. Diehl is an adventurous world traveler ...

Everywhere That Tommy Goes

Everywhere That Tommy Goes by Howard K. Pollack is a very suspenseful, psychological thriller. The book opens with Tommy, a New York City bartender, running from a murder where all fingers point to him. Tommy?s problems have just begun. Another murder happens where once again Tommy seems to be the likely murderer. Tommy not only is dealing with ...

Evolution of a Revolution

Evolution of a Revolution by Conallan Power is the story of Andre. The book begins when Andre is a young boy whose mom deserts he and his father and they move in with his grandmother. Power takes you through Andre's life from that point until he is a grown man and has accomplished much. Andre and Mark (his father) truly have a unique relationship ...

Evolution of a Revolution Volume 2

Evolution of a Revolution Volume 2 continues the sage of Andre and his works and endeavors with his labor union. GLO is now world wide fighting for the rights and fair treatment of the common laborer against the big companies. The book opens in GLO-SA. Things in South America have become perilous for those working within Andre's organization ...

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