Escaping the Future - Book Review


Escaping the Future

Author: Adam Crozier
Genre: Children - 4th-6th
Publisher: Adam Crozier
Date Published: July 9, 2022
ISBN-10: B0B637V5ZX


Book Review of :  Escaping the Future


Escaping the Future by Adam Crozier is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure experienced by four young friends, Nic,  Tate, Sophia, and Zoe. The story starts with Nic trying to accept that he would soon lose his best friends because his family is moving. While enjoying some camaraderie with his friends before leaving, they discovered a spacecraft. Inside the spacecraft, they found a mechanism that allowed them to speed away into the future, a real-time machine. They set it for a date 50 years into the future, and it takes them to that date. But they discover that getting back is going to be a problem. In their quest to return home, they discover wormholes that allow traveling to other places and times. They believe that the wormholes are their path back to where they came from but finding the correct one is difficult. After a few more jumps into the future, they find themselves centuries into the future at a time when Earth is in combat with an alien lifeform called the Teratas. The 2243 war is a terrible intergalactic conflict.

The four are now on a quest to stay alive and to find a way to get back in time and return to their home. Zoe and Sophia are the smart ones and try to help Nic and Tate figure out how to return home. The tension and danger mount as they try to find the right wormhole to take them back to the time and place where they came from.   Will they make it?

During their adventure, they meet numerous alien life forms but prevail in not getting killed or eaten by them. They realize they may not have much longer to live unless they can figure out how to get back to their time and home. They also feel the treacherous Teratas must be stopped because, from their time travel, they know that the Teratas' attack of earth ends poorly for humans.

All during their perilous journey across centuries and lands, their entire existence, is at stake, and one wrong choice could result in their death or being stuck in another time and place in the future. It is a deadly game where powerful forces could also separate them from their path home. But they must persevere to get home regardless of the perils.

Escaping the Future is one of those sci-fi novels that hooks you from the beginning and builds toward a stunning—and unexpected—end. The novel crackles with magic, suspense, and adventure. 

Reviewed by: James B.

About Adam Crozier


Adam Crozier is a writer living in Sunland, CA. His hobbies include camping, cooking, gaming, hiking, and adventuring with his wife and two kids. He has spent a good part of his life with his head in the clouds, imagining strange distant worlds that loosely resemble our own.

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