Even You - Book Review

Even You

Author: Marilyn Oser
Genre: Fiction - General
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 1634135466
ISBN-13: 9781634135467

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Book Review of :  Even You

even-you.jpg Even You by Marilyn Oser opens with Claire Bramany speeding down the highway with the backseat of her Honda Accord filled with the contents of Jessie's desk. Claire and Jessie have been friends and lovers for years--it is 1995 and Jessie has had a terrible accident that takes her life. Claire usually has her wits about her and is your steady-eddy kind of person. Today that is not the case--the contents of Jessie's desk has totally unnerved Claire - and rightfully so. Jessie's journals have been found by Claire-and the secrets of Jessie's life in Tulsa as a child come to light and Claire is totally blown away. Claire and Jessie had always lived their lives with each other with the promise that there would be no secrets between them. Claire before today would have sworn that there were none--until she reads the journals--and oh what secrets Jessie did have. Jessie's journals include writings about people from her childhood--one in particular caught Claire's attention--Uncle Jimmy. In the years she had lived with Jessie, Claire had never heard Jessie mention this uncle. As she reads the journals she understands exactly why that is. Claire makes the decision to go to Oklahoma and find Uncle Jimmy. Jimmy has committed horrible crimes against Jessie and Claire is going to find out if they are true and what she can do about it. You will stay riveted til you know how this turns out for Claire and Jessie. Enjoyed Even You!!!!

About Marilyn Oser

oser-marilyn.jpg Marilyn Oser has explored archeology in France, dogsledded through Minnesota and woodworks in her own garage, but what she loves best is writing. She is the author of the novels "Playing for Keeps," and "Rivka's War," the blog ?Streets of Israel? and some short stories and guidebooks.  She was a recipient of the University of Michigan?s Avery Hopwood Prize for excellence in writing.
Marilyn lives in New York?s Hudson Valley and on Long Island. With a Ph.D. in language and literature, she has taught English, history and Judaics, and has raised funds for arts, environmental and community organizations.
Marilyn loves reading 19th century fiction, 17th century poetry and just about anything else that?s well written and has been devouring books about World War I for decades.

Visit http://www.marilynoser.com/ for more information on Marilyn Oser


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