Author: Blaine Readler
Genre: Non Fiction - General
Date Published: December 1, 2016
ISBN-10: 0983497363
ISBN-13: 9780983497363

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Book Review of :  ELECTRIC SAVVY

electric-savvy.jpg Electric Savvy by Blaine C. Readler is a very interesting take on electricity. The book chronicles electricity-not just the different components, but also the history. Electric Savvy delves into every appliance, AC, etc. in your home. Readler does so in a manner that both the expert and the layman can understand and comprehend. You will read about amps, voltage, etc. Electric Savvy clarifies some misinformation about electricity, its origin and who and why were instrumental in its discovery. Throughout Electric Savvy you will notice footnotes. Do not overlook them. They are not your average footnotes, but an entire element of the book that you don't want to miss. There are stories, sidelines and little extras that add so much to the book. Readler reveals a lot about his writing style and the "feel" he wants the reader to get through these footnotes. Electric Savvy is a very comprehensive account of electricity written in a unique and understandable manner. You will be pleasantly surprised at how interesting Readler has made electricity. Good Read!!

About Blaine Readler

readler-blaine.jpg As a consulting engineer with over thirty years of experience, Blaine C. Readler has contributed development in such diverse fields as sonar, early flight simulation, telephones, lasers, internet and telecommunications switching backbone, video cameras, aircraft identification support, and drone control.  He is the inventor of the FakeTVTM television simulation burglar deterrent, and has garnered numerous awards for his novels, including an IPPY bronze medal, and Best Science Fiction three years at the San Diego Book Awards.  He lives with his wife in San Diego, where they flee from occasional fires, but no alligators, tornadoes, or snow.

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