Wasps in June - Book Review

Wasps in June

Author: Brad Prentice
Genre: Fiction - Short Stories/Anthologies
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date Published: May 28, 2015
ISBN-10: 1612965342
ISBN-13: 9781612965345

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Book Review of :  Wasps in June


Author Brad Prentice reveals his remarkable imagination in the two sci-fi novellas featured in Wasps in June.  A huge swarm of wasps descends on modern-day Los Angeles. John Walsh, a reporter for a small newspaper, is on the scene.

John rushes to interview sting victims, wondering “if it was right to make a living off other people’s misery.” Recalling recent problems with “killer bees,” John questions the nature of wasps.  Wasps don’t normally swarm. He’s no scientist but wonders if the wasps could be genetically engineered.  If so, did the attempt to manipulate nature backfire? Were biowarfare and the government involved? One theory is a fascinating look at the process of decision-making and actions of organisms that demonstrate higher cognitive powers by group thought. The adaptive response comes about by social interactions, individual states, environmental modifications and processes of informational amplification and decay.  Contradictory theories propel this fast-paced thriller, which swarms with innuendos.

The wasps appear only to attack people, Cats, dogs, and other animals seem to be of no interest to them. They also appear to work in teams to prevent their victim’s escape from their deadly attacks.  The attacks are serious and cities like LA and others are evacuated due to the seriousness of the wasp’s attacks.  What does mankind resort to in combatting their new nemesis?   The conclusion will sting the reader.

Ten Days in June, the second fantasy/horror novella, follows Vincent West, a mild-mannered professor who takes an unexpected trip to visit a close cousin, Carson West, in rural Upper Michigan. Strange happenings in the small isolated town are revealed when he befriends Irene. She takes Vincent to a high-walled cemetery with a locked iron gate. A foul stench permeates the air and makes him gag. People begin to wander from between the gravestones towards the gate. They didn’t look human. “Their bodies were extremely thin, their faces like skulls covered with varying amounts of putrescent flesh.”  Vincent’s brain rebelled. Could he be looking at walking corpses? Zombies? Was Irene playing some kind of sick joke? The reader is led to wonder if Vincent is hallucinating.  Vincent finds himself buried in a spy, novel-like mystery and crime scene. The horrific conclusion will shock the reader.

The author’s writing style is evident that much may exist in mankind’s fertile imagination. Brad Prentice demonstrates a genius for the dark invention of putting ordinary folks in unsettling and ominous situations. His peerless imagination weaves tales that are disturbing and chilling that you should not read before you go to bed. Expect to read more weird stories by Brad Prentice.

Reviewed by: Carole W

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