Author: Sue C Dugan
Genre: Fiction - Chick Lit
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Date Published: May 24, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 978-1-5092-4908-4

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Book Review of :  WALK-INS WELCOME


Walk-ins Welcome by Sue E. Dugan is a captivating tale of a soul transfer and a touching love story. Imagine a world where souls can switch bodies, akin to reincarnation. In the aftermath of a devastating car accident that claimed the lives of Robert Larkin and a teenager named Leo, something extraordinary happens. Henry Bingham Comstock miraculously survives but with a surprising twist - Robert's soul now resides within him. The power of their connection is so strong that just moments before Robert's passing, they make the incredible choice to swap souls.

Eighteen-year-old Henry, or as his friends lovingly call him, HB, wakes up in a hospital and is totally bewildered! He has just survived a life-altering accident. It's like he's been transported into a completely different world where his own name, "Henry," just doesn't click. He no longer identifies with this name, "Henry." Instead, a cascade of monikers like Richard, Robert, and Rob flood his mind. Thankfully, the hospital staff stepped in, reminding him of what they believed was his true identity. With remarkable grace, Henry accepts the reality that the concussion from the accident has caused memory loss and a sense of disorientation.

Returning to his home, he again feels a sense of unfamiliarity. But this disorientation can be attributed to the impact of his head into the windshield during the accident. While his house may seem like a new place, his new demeanor has not gone unnoticed by his mother. She is pleased to witness her once troubled son exude a newfound tranquility, making him a pleasure to be around. His accident has changed him for the better.

His mother's insistence that he attend adult education classes pays off remarkably. Unlike his previous self, he has been transformed into an outstanding student. However, a peculiar encounter at school stirs up familiar feelings within him. He starts questioning whether another person resides within his own body. Seeking guidance, he confides with a therapist and poses a thought-provoking question that solidifies his suspicions. What does one do when they suddenly discover they are probably not who they believed themselves to be? Henry realizes that his entire personality, preferences, and overall demeanor resemble another individual's, but who?

A mature woman captivates him romantically despite being twice his age. There is this undeniable connection as if they have known each other in some forgotten time. Henry finally awakens to the secret of their shared past. Though they realize that their relationship will be deemed inappropriate because of the age difference, their desire for each other surpasses reason, leading to a secretive affair. Can they keep it that way?

Walk-ins Welcome is a compelling tale of mystery and a love that defies death itself. Dugan takes you on a profound journey that proves true love knows no bounds. She adds murder to the tale as she writes of a world where the influence of two individuals remains eternally imprinted on each other, leaving an indelible mark that transcends mortality. It is a spellbinding, powerful, and enduring love story - like no other. 

About Sue C Dugan


Sue writes 5-star LitPick novels that keep readers of all ages turning pages long into the night. When she's not writing, she's reading, attending author events, or walking her dogs. She's not sure she's a reincarnated former novelist, but if she was, she'd want to be Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, or Emily Bront.

Visit www.scduganauthor.wixsite.com/mysite for more information on Sue C Dugan


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