War Of Rain - Book Review

War Of Rain

Author: H.W. Vivian
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: 148342362X
ISBN-13: 978-1483423623

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Book Review of :  War Of Rain

war-of-rain.jpg War of Rain by H. W. Vivian is the story of Miri. She lives in a village in the desert. Her village and another have to compete for water. Miri goes for water (rain) one day and events unfold that she never would have believed would have happened to her. Miri accidently kills a person from the other village. Right here and now Miri's life takes a dramatic turn and she has to grow up and learn to handle and orchestrate adult situations. It is up to Miri to find Kalono (the God of Rain) to get things straightened out and try to avert a war between the two villages. At this point Miri learns a lot about life that ordinarily a 15 year would not be subject to. Miri takes on her own personality and the reader will be entranced with her. Miri has had certain beliefs and feelings and emotions about her way of life--this begins to change as she begins her search for Kalono. Miri wants peace - and it is on her shoulders to find it for her village and their neighbors. War of Rain is a most interesting look at a young girl living in a different time, but facing the same dilemmas as other times have--survival, strength of a village, perserverance and environment. Thoroughly enjoyed both the book and Miri!!!

About H.W. Vivian


H. W. Vivian is the author of the YA fictions, Chasers and War of Rain, as well as the adult humor fiction, Days of Amber, and the mystery/thriller fiction, Monarchs, written under her second pseudonym, Alex Chu.

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