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This year we have seen an endless series of gun related-deaths in the United States, A Better Place responds to this growing epidemic by sharing the captivating and inspiring TRUE story of this very personal experience. Appealing both to true-crime readers as well as the self help crowd, Poblete puts the entirety of life in wise perspective, reminding readers of what truly matters.

Hundreds of self-help books are available on grief and loss, however, these "how to" guides were of no comfort to Poblete in the aftermath of her son's death. According to Poblete, there is no "how to" when it comes to recovering from such a loss. It's more helpful to know you are not alone. Poblete found comfort in hearing other stories of loss and recovery and she hopes her memoir will provide comfort to others.

Sadly, Pati Poblete is one of the thousands of people coping with gun violence today. Though her story is heartbreaking, it provides hope and inspiration to people showing that they too can heal and find peace after an insurmountable tragedy.

 "This is not a self-help guide, it is simply my story of how losing my son to gun violence shattered my world, my faith, my sense of community, and how I was able to rebuild my life through my son’s sense of adventure, fearlessness, and love for life.”

"An eloquent message of comfort directed toward fellow travelers."

About Pati Navalta Poblete

Pati Navalta Poblete is a longtime Bay Area journalist, serving as the Community Editor for the Vallejo Times-Herald, News Editor at the Alameda News Group, and Editorial Writer and Columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, where she was nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize for her editorial series on the need for foster care reform in California. She later worked as the Asia Regional Director for an international organization that works with national governments and intergovernmental agencies on shaping sustainability policies. She is the author of "The Oracles: My Filipino Grandparents of America" (2006, Heyday Books), and the author of the upcoming book, "A Better Place" (Nothing But the Truth Publishing), to be released in 2018. She is married to Cicero A. Estrella, and is the proud mother of two children, Robby and Julie. She is committed to honoring them every day through The Robby Poblete Foundation.


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