A Farmer I'll Be - Book Review

A Farmer I'll Be

Author: David Grote
Genre: Children - K-3rd - General
Publisher: Beach Chair Books
Date Published: 00 , 0000
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 979-8-9878391-2-6

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Book Review of :  A Farmer I'll Be


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of rural living and relive some fleeting joys of childhood with Margaret Grote's captivating picture book, "A Farmer I'll Be." Written from a young child's perspective, this anthology of poems beautifully captures the spirit of innocence and the magic of the outdoors. With sweet and charming prose, Grote evokes the true essence of a rural lifestyle, making this book a delightful reminder of the simpler joys in life. Grote's poetry is perfect to share with your children or grandchildren.

A Farmer I'll Be relates the enchanting world of rural life through the evocative poetry of  Award-winning poet Margaret Grote. Her verses capture the magic of a seed's transformation, the allure of tractors, the lively chickens in the barnyard, and the beauty of wildflowers. Even nature's creatures and the excitement of delivery trucks are celebrated in the heartfelt poetry. These poems will definitely transport many adult readers back to their cherished childhood memories.

One example of Mother Nature's magic is written about and illustrated with a beautiful rainbow. A sample of a part of Grote's prose about a rainbow reads:

The road must start and end
Some say in a pot of gold
And I'll bring that back with me
If I dare to be so bold.

Grote's prose and Marcia Wheelan Coles' illustrations transform the book into a vibrant and captivating visual masterpiece. Through a perfect blend of meticulous detail, vivid colors, and imaginative elements, Coles brings Grote's unique and engaging world to life. Coles' incredible talent gives a face to the characters conjured up by Grote in this children's book, immersing readers in the charm and activities of Grote's cast. Her stunning imagery transforms Grote's prose into a magical world of farming and rustic living.

Now, thanks to Margaret's son, David, and her cousin, the artist Marcia Wheelan Coles, this collection is finally available to share with a whole new generation.

Readers will love the idyllic charm of rural life in this captivating collection. With its rich, vivid descriptions and expertly crafted rhymes, it effortlessly captures the essence of the countryside. Grote's captivating compilation of rural scenes evokes a sense of serenity, beauty, and nostalgia. It is a beautiful little book with a heartfelt narrative that both kids and adults can appreciate.

Reviewed by: David J

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