A Colossal Injustice - Book Review

A Colossal Injustice

Author: Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - General
Publisher: Soaring High Publishing
Date Published: November 8, 2022
ISBN-10: 1959354035
ISBN-13: 978-1959354031

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Book Review of :  A Colossal Injustice


Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr., author of A Colossal Injustice, A Griffin Knight Corporate Murder Mystery, has created another spellbinding thriller in his Griffin Knight Series. To establish a time in the future, the author places Griffin Knight in the Seattle-Tacoma airport that has been renamed. He introduces the reader to futuristic AI technology, including Smart-Goggles, and a Smart-Link System. Knight views the cityscape of Seattle from the point of view of a New Yorker who has rarely visited this city. On this trip, he is not an officer of the Seattle Police Department but an NYC investigator with no jurisdiction. He had been asked to help find the murderer of Dylan Walker the COO, and CFO of the Colossus Corporation. 

The plot is revealed through the narratives of several characters. Each is set apart in different chapters. The accounts chronicle the backstories that prompted Griffin to take on the challenge of investigating Dylan’s murder.

Before his untimely death, Dylan had hacked into Colossus's financial mainframe. His peek into the records exposed Irregularities that appeared to indicate theft, but Dylan didn’t report his suspicions to the owner and CEO of Colossus, Sapphire Rushland, because he had no proof of who was skimming or where the funds were going. However, before his murder, he had hidden a file of his research in the computer system.

Griffin links up with a Seattle bodyguard, Felix, and begins an undercover investigation with the aid of an expert computer hacker, Kalyx. The two encounter a rogue team of security guards, drug lords, and other criminals. The plot leads the cops to investigate an abandoned warehouse owned by Colossus, a secret stash of computer equipment is found but is marred by a shootout. Their thrilling shootouts and undercover tactics add suspense and action to the story. Suspects are narrowed down, but motive blocks the investigation. Finally, Dylan’s murder becomes personal.

The author creates believable characters. Griffin is the invincible cop with good looks and the intelligence to ferret out the perpetrator. His description of Seattle’s Queen of Crime will make the reader envious of the woman’s intelligence, savvy, and gutsiness. Others suspected to be involved in the embezzlement scheme are equally picturesque.

Hernandez weaves you through a maddening labyrinth of clues that edges you seamlessly toward its climax. Watch for a sequel to Griffin Knight. 

Reviewed by: Carole W.

About Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.


Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. is a published author who specializes in murder and mystery novellas. However, he loves to keep things fresh and interesting by dabbling in suspense, humor, horror, action, and even sci-fi. His bestselling series, "Griffin Knight" centers around the adventures of renowned New York City detective Griffin Knight, a lone wolf who has a penchant for dangerous situations - even those beyond his jurisdiction. As a writer, Hernandez aims to please. That is why, as one of his favorite pastimes, he scours the internet for reviews on his books so he can spin stories that truly resonate with his readers. His influence goes beyond literature and taps into the world of TV, with favorites such as Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Jack Reacher, Dirty Harry, Paul Kersey, and Ace Attorney. Hernandez bachelor's degree from the University at Buffalo and likes to go to church with family, watch anime, and work out during his downtime.

Visit www.iammahjr.com for more information on Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.

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