Miami Vengeance - Book Review

Miami Vengeance

Author: Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.
Genre: Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth
Publisher: Soaring High Publishing
Date Published: September 13, 2023
ISBN-10: 1959354213
ISBN-13: 978-1959354215

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Book Review of :  Miami Vengeance


 Mystery thriller writer Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr., has done it again with his “who done it” Miami Vengeance. This novella is the sixth book in his series, A Griffin Knight Conspiracy Mystery. The cutting-edge technology that affords Griffin Knight an advantage over the enemy is reminiscent of Superman’s superpowers.

Hernandez introduces Hector Ruiz V in the opening prologue. Hector tells his story in the first person. He is a police officer who tries to emulate his friend Griffin Knight and become a detective.  While an active officer, he is working secretively on a five-year-old cold case that occurred in his hometown of Miami. Returning home to his apartment after work, he discovers a hidden listening bug and destroys it. He makes a secret phone call. Later, he is found dead, and his death is ruled a suicide.

Griffin Knight knows his friend too well to accept his death as a suicide and packs up his technology to head to Miami.  His powerful arsenal of tools include an AI assistant, an expert computer hacker, cutting-edge smart goggles and helmet, a reliable bulletproof vest, and an innovative technology known as Rabbit Feet.

Investigating Ruiz’s death with the aid of his technological assistants, he uncovers security camera video manipulation, inconsistency in the manner of death, and microscopic evidence. Reporting his findings to the police, Griffin has confrontations that lead him to a very disturbing susupect. ” The confrontation introduces him to a very interesting female FBI agent.

His suspicions keep him alert and prevent his almost death in a hit-and-run. How his Rabbit Feet keeps him alive adds much-needed humor to the violence and gore as he infiltrates a gang war. The crime boss, Axel Rowe, enters to tell his story in first person. Axel is a young hoodlum who has conspired to take over the leadership of the Wild Cheetahs, a local gang of petty criminals who are terrorizing their neighborhood, Liberty City, while on rollerblades. Axel’s goal is to take over the other gangs through gang wars and intimidation.

Axel’s goal is to become the recognized top-dog gang leader, and Griffin’s goal is to find out what happened to his friend Ruiz. These goals collide in turf wars with rollerblades vs high tech, good guys vs bad guys, and the exposure of dirty cops.  What more action could a reader ask for?

With the introduction of imaginative technology, this adventure novel moves beyond the norm into the possibility of the future. As in all his previous books, this can be read without any knowledge of his previous novellas. The future also holds the expectation of more adventures of Griffin Knight, PI.

Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr. exhibits exceptional talent in storytelling, showcasing a mastery of plot, character development, and an insightful exploration of the human psyche. Miami Vengeance has garnered numerous awards, and rightfully so, as it stands, as a remarkable private detective thriller.

Reviewed by: carole

About Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.


Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. is a published author who specializes in murder and mystery novellas. However, he loves to keep things fresh and interesting by dabbling in suspense, humor, horror, action, and even sci-fi. His bestselling series, "Griffin Knight" centers around the adventures of renowned New York City detective Griffin Knight, a lone wolf who has a penchant for dangerous situations - even those beyond his jurisdiction. As a writer, Hernandez aims to please. That is why, as one of his favorite pastimes, he scours the internet for reviews on his books so he can spin stories that truly resonate with his readers. His influence goes beyond literature and taps into the world of TV, with favorites such as Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Jack Reacher, Dirty Harry, Paul Kersey, and Ace Attorney. Hernandez bachelor's degree from the University at Buffalo and likes to go to church with family, watch anime, and work out during his downtime.

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