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june-17-1967---battle-of-xom-bo-ii.jpg June 17, 1967 - Battle of Xom Bo II by David Hearne is the story of a Vietnam Battle - one in which Hearne fought. The battle begins with two battalions marching into a landing zone called LZ X-Ray. As the men approach the landing they are pretty confident that they will make it through. Men and weapons strong-- there is no way the Viet Cong will attack. Wrong-thus begins the ambush and attack that will last for hours and claim 39 American lives and another 150 wounded. Vietnam 1967 - Hearne is First Lieutenant Artillery and marching into Xom Bo II with his battalion and another. Hearne actually views the upcoming landing area as scenic-until the first man is hit and word begins to spread through the ranks of men that they are being ambushed. Thus begins the most personal and up close look at the men and happenings of that day - a complete and all encompassing account of the battle, the men, the casualties and the heroics. America 1967 - disdain and disgust concerning the war in Vietnam, love children, music, drugs. What a far cry from the world that Hearne and his fellow countrymen are serving in. Hearne has masterfully covered the war, life in America, and possibly the most personal account of a battle that has ever been written. The personal side of June 17, 1967 is overwhelming. Hearne has researched, met with survivors and survivors relatives as well as the relatives of those that did not survive. Several things will keep you riveted to this book, but none more than the complete and detail description of the day. Hearne brings the reader right into the ranks of the entire battle. Excellently written - heartfelt throughout. A must read!!!!

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His father's military assignments introduced him to diverse cultures and views as he adapted to life in places like Blackstone, Virginia, Washington D.C., Leesville, LA., Wrightstown, N.J., Tirrenia, Italy and Charlestown, N.H.. A principal lesson he learned at an early age from his frequent moves from the north to the south was that social truths are simply beliefs unchallenged and pragmatic to those who espouse them. He came to recognize how easily views are shaped and forged into irrefutable truths by your peers, authority figures, and vocal vacuous celebrities. This exposure to the divisiveness of often-opposing views from one locale to the other taught him the need of a good command of history to help analyze and make conclusions in social matters that are so subjective. He has had many life experiences that have helped shape his views of the world. He has been an Army Officer and seen death many times. He has lost both his parents and an older sister to cancer. Besides being in the military, he has experienced various other careers including selling insurance, being a general contractor, managing a restaurant, running a car rental agency, being a software programmer and running his own consulting company. In the 1990's after David published the book "Enable Command Performance", he spent many months on the seminar circuit appearing in most of the major cities. In San Diego, his 1991 seminar coincided with the 6-day period of rioting and murder of 54 people triggered by part of the aftermath of the arrest of Rodney King in Los Angeles, Ca. He experienced a first hand glimpse of violent rioting and felt the societal pressure to express his feelings in only the politically correct vernacular of the media. David enjoys reading and new adventures in life. He still loves to travel and view the world with his own eyes and form his own conclusions on the events and happenings of the world he lives in. David is part Irish and Scottish and stands 6'4" tipping the scales at around 225. He is happily married to his inspiring wife, Stacie. They have a two-child family augmented by 8 loving cats. Currently, they live in the town of Lumberton, Texas, an hour drive from the city of Houston, Texas.

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June 17, 1967 - Battle of Xom Bo II