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"Spies on Safari" by Oliver Dowson starts right off with a mystery and lots of questions. Dowson introduces a mysterious woman, Laoban, sporting an expensive Hermes purse who assumes various identities. Who is she, and what role does she indeed play? She negotiates with an enigmatic businessman, Gideon Caesar, to send a team of spies to search for a mine hidden in the untamed jungles of Botswana or Namibia.

You next meet an interesting group at a suburban London book club, where the ordinary is a subterfuge for the extraordinary. The individuals at the book club meeting are Brian, Humphry, Richard, Rob, Chetwan and Beatrix. The elegantly dressed woman from the first chapter reappears, clearly holding some sway with the group. And then the action starts. After arriving in Africa, facing kidnap and everything under the sun that can go wrong or interfere with their goals, the team finds a remedy for every setback.

Dowson interjects some electrifying twists to his tale as the plot morphs into an unpredictable adventure parallelling the treacherous jungle they traverse. More perils await them in Botswana and Namibia than just hungry animals. Adversaries armed with guns. Murderous gangs of illegal miners?

On the thrilling safari, the team of Humphrey, Richard, Robert and Beatrix relentlessly pursue their efforts to discover the secret mine. However, dangerous alliances may be at play, stirring doubts about the true nature of this clandestine mission. The enigmatic mastermind behind it all is believed to have staked everything on this quest, yet an unsettling undercurrent prompts one to question the true nature of this cloak-and-dagger mission.

This is the second thrilling installment of Dowson's gripping series. Familiar faces like Chameleon, Latviana, Robert the Pilot, Mr Smith, and Ronald Jones return to this action-packed adventure. As the story unfolds, our main characters grow in complexity and charm. Their journey takes them across multiple countries, where various villains stand in their way. Dowson's narrative remains mature and insightful, allowing us to truly understand our protagonists and their choices. Fiction and reality, action, adventure, and a dash of mystery are intertwined seamlessly, keeping your head spinning with every turn of the page. It is a truly mind-boggling mystery at its core.

"Spies on Safari" is a bonafide action/adventure/thriller, well-written and without any vulgarity, gory violence, or gratuitous sex.

Reviewed by: david

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Spies on Safari

Join AuthorsReading as we delve into the thrilling world of industrial espionage with novelist Oliver Dowson. In this interview, Dowson unveils his latest novel, "Spies On Safari," the exciting sequel to his former novel, "The Repurposed Spy." His new novel takes you into the enchanting but dangerous jungles of Africa as Dowson's unique storytelling immerses you in a world of intrigue and adventure.

About Oliver Dowson


Oliver Dowson was born in Lowestoft, England. After studying mathematics, statistics, and computer science at university, he spent a long career building a multi-national business from scratch, exploiting his love of foreign travel, cultures, languages, and food. He has visited more than 140 countries for business and pleasure - and tries to add at least another new one every year! Oliver is no stranger to writing, having been editor of both Imperial College and University of London Union newspapers in his youth, and writing many articles throughout his business career. Trapped by the pandemic, he wrote his first book, a travelogue "There's No Business Like International Business", published in 2022 to critical acclaim. Now, Oliver has now turned to fiction. "The Repurposed Spy" was published earlier in 2023, and the second in the series, "Spies on Safari", comes out in November 2023. Oliver is also a podcast host and mentors and supports several new young, ambitious entrepreneurs. When he's not away adding new experiences further afield, he lives in North London and Oviedo, Spain. https://oliverdowson.com

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