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The Kings Death, by Ed Cannon, is his second fantasy fiction in a trilogy. The epic novel reads as a stand-alone because the back story is well woven into the tale. Sillik, a young orphaned warrior and rightful king of Illicia. He is on a quest to create allies with neighboring cities to prevent global war and to help him reclaim his rightful throne.  Civil wars are threatening on multiple fronts.  Chaos reigns in his kingdom and in the surrounding realms. The wars are intensified on political and spiritual/mystical fronts between the Seven Gods of Law and the Nine Gods of Darkness.  There are some fantastic twists and turns in this edition to the series, and each chapter seems well crafted and tied to advancing the plot.

The story’s setting is a cross between medieval times and a magical futuristic world. A global demonic war is on the horizon.  Sillik and his companions are right in its vortex of the battles. They ride huge fearsome lizards or gigantic birds into battle fighting against humans and numerous demonic creatures. Several intertwining stories with multiple characters add new levels to the basic plot of the battle for truth and honor, good versus evil.  Intricate characters, complex relationships, and plots within plots... are the hallmarks of great fantasy

Sillik learns that his search for knowledge in his quest to fight the evil dark forces requires determination and much effort and that knowledge can be very dangerous if misused.  He must unite disparate villages and fight mystical creatures like wraithes, and schula,  and then there are wryen, dragon-like creatures without wings that spit fire and are resistant to swords. Sillik is catapulted into a world of violence and political intrigue, and he must learn to adapt.

Sillik and his comrades struggle to save the world using all means available, including sorcery, magic, and even astral projection.  Their trials consist of spectacular adventure, sometimes elegant and at other times very brutal.  Some of their encounters truly fascinate as they immerse the reader in new worlds and cultures. Their travels take the reader to far reaches of the realms and beyond. Every step reveals something new about the world Sillik lives in and its inhabitants.

Cannon masterfully paints a world both bright and terrible with leaping lizards, magic, and bloodthirsty monsters like the horrible, sandfish which is used to threatened and torture traitors with horrific death. Cannon describes the scene of sandfish set loose on a traitor. “He would be tied to a boulder with his feet in the sand. A sandfish would attack and eat his feet. The blood would attract a swarm of others. As his body falls into the sand, he would be eaten alive. Then with only his head left, the demons would gouge out his eyes and lay their eggs in the eye sockets.”  The author’s command of description extends to his many various supporting characters who have distinctive personalities. Women are portrayed as especially strong and courageous in military professions usually reserved for men, as well as in intelligence and magic.  In one scene, women are underestimated by their male opponents. Panic ensues as the woman-led force overpowers a village where the men had believed it was a sure victory since they would be fighting women.

The Kings Death is an expertly crafted epic fantasy – a little gritty and grim at times but a richly imagined world with vibrant characters that are served up with monsters, tension, and treachery--an exhilarating adventure.

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Ed Cannon

Ed Cannon grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and graduated college with a BS in electrical engineering from Oklahoma State University. He moved from Oklahoma after college to get his first engineering job. His career has been associated with aviation and the certification of aircraft. He has a Third Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and taught for several years at a local YMCA. He enjoys camping, fishing, and photography. He is married to a Mechanical Engineer and his sons are both engineers. The original idea for this book began while in college. Fifty pages or so were written on an electric typewriter and then later transferred to a Apple IIe. From there, a printout of the story sat, collecting dust, until it was eventually scanned page-by-page and transformed into The Kings' Assassin. Additional stories are planned for this world.

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