Phoenix: By the Sword (The Phoenix Trilogy) - Book Review

Phoenix: By the Sword (The Phoenix Trilogy)

Author: Jackie Anders
Genre: Fiction - Science Fiction
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date Published: February 2, 2020
ISBN-10: 1684333997
ISBN-13: 9781684333998

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Book Review of :  Phoenix: By the Sword (The Phoenix Trilogy)


Phoenix: By the Sword, by Jackie Anders is the second novel in the author’s The Phoenix Trilogy. As a stand-alone, the reader will be shocked by an unexpected plot twist that references back to the first volume. This semi-historical, thriller involves time-travel as well as romance involving not one, but two couples. 

Eighteen-year-old Cassius is a captured Germanic slave. She is the property of a Roman senator in the year 800 AD. Banks, an unusually gifted warrior, steals a letter entrusted to her and threatens to abduct her if she doesn’t go with him willingly. Fearing the senator’s wrath for the loss of the letter, she allows Banks to carry her off. She questions why he wants the letter and who he is. Is he a Roman? And what will he do to her? Perhaps he was going to use her for ransom with the Parthians, known as evil incarnate. Later she is rescued from potential death by Banks and romance blossoms.

Cassius thinks that the horrors of her life will never end. Banks calms her by stating that “we are all slaves to something. War, battles, money, food life.” Banks picks up the story stating that his mission is to protect millions, not just her. As the tension builds, the back story is skillfully woven in with the first hint of time-travel.

A second heroine is introduced by the name of Kyla Marshall. She is a feminist with a strong will and a burning desire to out-perform the soldiers she is assigned to. She is under the command of Erickson, who must relate to her as an attractive woman as well as a soldier from the year 2018 who is on a mission with his unit. His team must track down a scientist determined to change the history of the world. Erickson must reconnect with Banks to complete the mission. Its success also relates to a culture in four thousand A.D. that neither group had considered. As the romances build, so do the complicated suspense and chilling far-reaching conspiracies.

All that stands in the way of a future apocalypse is the actions of those in the present that have the ability to go back to the past to thwart the evil plans that were set in motion way back then and secure the situation.

Anders's novel has something for everyone: her great treatment of time travel will satisfy aficionados of science fiction, and the relationships between Kyla and Erickson and Cassius and Banks will provide some steamy affairs for romance readers.  Time travel isn't always portrayed as perfect. Anders makes it clear that the manipulation of the flow of time comes with a personal cost and tremendous danger as she sends her characters on perilous journeys across centuries. In fact, as Cassius and Banks, and Kyla and Erickson attempt to return to the year 2018, they learn that “Holy smokes. We messed something up.”

Anders’ writing is witty enough to evoke genuine smiles. The novel is instantly engaging, constantly suspenseful, and full of surprises. 

Reviewed by: Carole W

About Jackie Anders

Jackie Anders has been an obsessed reader and lover of all fiction, from science fiction to historical fiction, all her life. As a young adult growing up in Louisiana, she never missed an episode of X-Files, Stargate, or any Terminator movie.

Jackie has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from TX A&M, and currently teaches at a public school in the Houston, Texas area. She hopes to inspire her students to use their imagination and to think 'outside the box' to uncover their creative side too.

Anders is a mom of 2 teenagers, one elementary kiddo, and a part husky dog named India. She is also married to a proud Texan (he reminds her how great the state is ALL THE TIME), and she enjoys cheering on the Houston Astros!


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