Daft Mejora's Infinite Madness (Or, How to Travel Near America with Friends) - Book Review

Daft Mejora's Infinite Madness (Or, How to Travel Near America with Friends)

Author: Karl Dehmelt
Genre: Fiction - Humor
Publisher: Apprentice House
Date Published: November 1, 2023
ISBN-10: 1627204997
ISBN-13: 978-1627204996

Book Review of :  Daft Mejora's Infinite Madness (Or, How to Travel Near America with Friends)


"Daft Mejora's Infinite Madness" by Karl Dehmelt is a thought-provoking satirical novel that delves into America's response to the Covid-19 era and the ensuing political chaos, as narrated by a unique extraterrestrial character known as the Daft One. This extraordinary being forms an unexpected bond with DJ Jones, a high school student from Dickson County, whose father is a staunch opponent of the Mask Mandate and a Florida State Senator. Enter a world of intrigue, humor, and societal critique as these two unlikely companions navigate the tumultuous landscape of contemporary America. 

Daft Mejora is not the only extraterrestrial who has come to Earth to study its inhabitants, their behaviors, and their propensity for violence, conflict, and murder. Accompanying him are his faithful steed, the Donger Ponus, a horse that resembles a porcelain penis, and the Wise Old Owl, who has evolved into a talking bird that communicates through rhymes. Donger Ponus accompanies Daft, wearing a neon pink support vest labeled SERVICE ANIMAL. 

Teenage DJ Jones is a laid-back social misfit who embraces the friendship of an extraterrestrial companion named Daft Mejora. Daft, disguised as a 14-year-old teenager, joins DJ on a journey through the tumultuous year of 2021, marked by the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread impact of unyielding political conflicts. Daft becomes a heroic figure by stopping a potential shooter. DJ endures a costly incident when a rat bites his tongue, resulting in an estimated doctor's bill of $103,000. Surprisingly, it is revealed that rat lovers have sued the hospital for distributing poison that would harm the rats. Dehmelt vividly describes his characters, including his portrayal of the president as someone "sitting behind the vaunted desk, arms sitting on his chair as though draping a throne, there sits the man who is the leader of the free world, with drool running down his chin, his head lolling on a 45-degree angle, and his skin so perfectly preserved." 

As Daft navigates this new human world, he becomes increasingly perplexed by humanity's inherent tendency towards self-destruction. Karl Dehmelt eloquently delves into provocative societal norms and beliefs, challenging conventions in his powerful written works. His satirical work explores topics ranging from political disillusionment to racial and religious stereotypes, his words uncover the absurdity that often goes unnoticed. With a fearless approach, he tackles most of today's hot subjects, delving into gun issues and sexual mores, to name but a few - provoking thought and reflection. The writing demands attention, igniting conversations and perhaps inspiring change. 

I see Dehmelt's satire as having a similar style and feel as R. Crumb's work. If "Daft Mejora's Infinite Madness" were a graphic novel, I envision its characters would resemble  R. Crumb's iconic look. They both use their artistic genius to bring a consciousness to society's problems. 

The novel is entertaining and thought-provoking and a screed of contemporary America.  

Reviewed by: James B.

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Daft Mejora's Infinite Madness: (Or, How to Travel Near America with Friends)

An in-depth discussion with author Karl Dehmelt about his satirical book about an outer space Alien who saves a politician from a shooter's bullet. We discuss why he wrote it and its significance. He is also the author of The Hard Way Back to Heaven. We think you will enjoy his story.

About Karl Dehmelt


Karl Michael "K.M." Dehmelt is a writer and a graduate of the Loyola University Maryland Writing program in Baltimore who has lived everywhere from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania to Madrid, Spain. Originally from the East Coast of the United States, his fourth book, and science fiction debut, Daft Mejora's Infinite Madness (Or How to Travel Near America with Friends), has been favorably compared to Kurt Vonnegut. Currently, he is early at work on multiple projects, including more long-form satire, as well a non-fiction project related to his experience as a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and the complexities of navigating the world with a brain he newly learned has been altered from the healing process. He is grateful for his writing, his life, his family, and his true friends.

Visit www.daftmejora.com for more information on Karl Dehmelt


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