The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes - Book Review


The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes

Author: Raven Howell
Genre: Children - Concept
Publisher: Handersen Publishing
Date Published: November 1, 2022
ISBN-10: 1647030765
ISBN-13: 978-1647030766


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Book Review of :  The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes


The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes by Raven Howell and illustrated by Nazli Tarcan, is a book for children about life. With short poems about the beauty of life, the sun and moon, about summer, winter and snowflakes, and much more. Each poem is uplifting, with beautiful illustrations that match the spirit of the words.

Each poem tells a cute little story. The poems are actually meaningful for adults too. In fact, Howell's poem "Between the Sun and Moon" reminds me of some of the phrasings and messaging of the Moody Blues song "Eyes of a Child." A sample is below:
    Listen, hear the sound
    The child awakes
    Wonder all around
    The child awakes
    Now in his life, he never must be lost
    No thoughts must deceive him
    In life, he must trust
    With the eyes of a child
    You must come out and see
    That your world's spinning 'round
    And through life, you will be

Howell's poems awaken a child's mind and help them see the beauty and complexity of our world. How do you handle sadness? You add a daisy to a vase, coax a smile – tuck a rainbow in your heart, and healing will begin. How important is a smile – it's turning a frown upside down. The poems talk about the beauty of the seasons and how to enjoy them, from sipping rays of sun and winter snowflakes flitting to an outstretched tongue.

The poems are an eclectic collection of lively rhythms and effective sound words resulting in a charming bedtime book that entertains and educates. The well-drawn illustrations will help children visualize the essence of the poems.  The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes is an inherently fascinating and fun read from the first page to the last and is colorfully illustrated throughout. It is a dazzling journey using poetry as a prism to see the world we live in.

Celebrating poetry is a fun and creative way to get kids excited about writing with expression
Howell's poem "Let's Go," sums it all up.
   A Book can take me by the hand
   Whisk me to another land.
   Of secret gardens, rabbit holes,
   to unicorns and naughty trolls,
   Where poems and stories tickle me
   Where I grow wings
   That set me free

The 20 Little Poems for 20 Little Gnomes is a great collection of poems that will easily snag the attention of young readers
Do you want to help kids express themselves through writing?  Show them how reading and writing poetry is a perfect way to express thoughts and feelings.  

Reviewed by: James B

About Raven Howell

Raven has written several award-winning picture books for children. She works as an editor, columnist, poet, and publishing advisor. Raven's poems are featured in magazines including Ladybug, Highlights for Children, Humpty Dumpty, Fun for Kidz, The School Magazine, and Spider.

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