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The Followers: "Holy Hell" and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leaders

The Followers: "Holy Hell" and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leaders by Radhia Gleis, is not a memoir but the author’s hindsight as background into her thesis concerning cults. It is a cautionary tale based on personal experience void of dramatic license and exaggeration. It is a courageous book, soberly told.

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The Game Changer

The Game Changer by Dave Droge is the story of Henk van Wijnen-Swarttouw. He is a Dutchman who is a very accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. Henk finds himself being investigated for bad business practices and tax evasion. Julia, Henk's daughter, has just graduated high school and plans to take a year off before furthering her education. ...

The Gentle Barn

The Gentle Barn by Ellie Laks is a very heartwarming story of Ellie, animals and children/teens. Ellie Laks has laid out her journey in life in this book. Relationships and circumstances have not always been easy for Laks. From a troubled childhood, adult relationships that didn't work, and a need for therapy (of somekind) Laks rescues a sick ...

The Girl with a Fairy's Heart

Cody Lakin’s new book, The Girl With a Fairy’s Heart, is a dark fantasy and a standalone novel that uses extensive conversations between and among characters to tell the back story from a prior novel. A violent fast gun, Casey Esorom, is obsessed with the deaths of his wife and grandfather. He is a loner, ...

The Glass Angel

The Glass Angel, A Guide to Freedom, Peace, Transformation, and Growth is an enlightening self-help memoir by Christina Foxwell. The author has been able to turn the trials of her life and the resultant feelings of inadequacy and loneliness into a positive outlook and a successful mentoring program. Foxwell was reared by missionary ...

The Gopher King

The Gopher King, by Gojan Nikolich, is fantasy fiction with an ingenious plot told in the first person by Stan Przewalski  - sometimes known as "Stan Without a Plan." Stan is a Vietnam veteran with PTSD. He is the only reporter and the publisher of the weekly Bull River Falls Beacon-News. Stan's home town, the fictional Bull River ...

The Gotten

Astrid Sims is a new girl in town. The Gotten, by Rob Tucker, is a young adult novel that introduces a precocious thirteen-year-old British girl into the world of pre-teen boys. Set in the 1950s in a small Mid-west town, Astrid’s intimidating personality, intellect and boldness set her apart from the other girls. She self-assuredly ...

The Grandmaster

Welcome to the Wagner Institute for Mental Treatment and Investigations. Since 1966, Dr. Johann Wagner has guided his team of paranormal investigators and psychologists in solving supernatural crimes and unlocking the secrets of the human mind. But now a horror from his past has come back to destroy not only Wagner, but everything he has built. Wagner ...

The Graveyard Girl and the Boneyard Boy

In Martin Matthews’ young adult novel, “The Graveyard Girl And The Boneyard Boy,”  he treats readers to a compelling and eminently likable cast of characters. He displays a writing style that draws you in from the very first paragraph. Matthews is a great storyteller who spins an exciting, stirring, ...


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