The Diary of Hakim Jones: Trials, Tribulation, Triump - Book Review


The Diary of Hakim Jones: Trials, Tribulation, Triump

Author: Joseph Khalid Massenburg
Genre: Fiction - General
Date Published: June 1, 2015
ISBN-10: 1504914376
ISBN-13: 9781504914376


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Book Review of :  The Diary of Hakim Jones: Trials, Tribulation, Triump

the-diary-of-hakim-jones-trials-tribulation-triump.jpg The Diary of Hakim Jones by Joseph K. Massenburg is a reflection on a life. This life is one that was lived in one of the most violent neighborhoods in the country-Newark, New Jersey. The book is not written in chronological order, but randomly reflected upon in different times, settings and environments. Massenburg tells this story in a diary type format. The events and times of this young man's life are troubling, and often times very bearing of the flaws of those around him. Human nature is not always painted as a pretty picture in The Diary. Massenburg successfully shows that many times the hardships and trials in our lives brings us to a positive place and therefore, success. The reader can definitely take from The Diary that leaving a horrible, dangerous life place and style is not only possible, but probable with the right goals and mind set. Massenburg, I believe has several missteps in the book in regards to grammar, spelling etc. for a reason - after all this is a young man reflecting-the times in his life were not perfect, so his writing was not perfect. Read The Diary of Hakim Jones with the mindset that you are in fact reading about the lives of many young people who have the disadvantage of growing up in troubled neighborhoods. Interesting reading!!

About Joseph Khalid Massenburg

Joe massenburg grew up in the rough central ward of newark nj. He attended essex county voc. And then essex county college. He is currently employed as a police office in newark nj


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