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"The Divine Affliction," by Robert M. Fleisher, and published by Black Rose Writing, is a novel that delves into an insidious terrorist plot that afflicts civilians with a mental malady. Who is behind this undertaking? Is it perpetrated by Islamic extremists? Are powerful drug cartels responsible? Is it old enemies who have taken root on US soil and are clandestinely operating to conquer the masses? Or is it an event that fulfills a biblical prophecy?

Derrick Daniels, a United States Justice Department attorney, and his associate lawyer, Savannah Ambrose, are sent on a mission to the Middle East to investigate a series of strange and disturbing events. As they delve deeper into these claims, a fantastical scenario is created that, at first, seems far-fetched, but as you read further into Fleisher’s fictional tale, you are struck with the realization that his narrative is frightfully prophetic.

Even before Daniels starts his investigation into these bizarre happenings, he notices that in certain areas dead animals are strewn over large stretches of freeway and that a  number of birds are smashing into buildings. When he arrives at a desert laboratory overseas, he observes farm animals killing each other. More terrifying observations are made, and Daniels finds that the secrecy behind these obvious man-made calamities are not only phenomenally frightful, but also virtually impossible to breach.

While Daniels is globetrotting to save humanity, his beautiful wife is trying to ingratiate herself with a powerful politician who uses sexual blackmail to control her.

The villains of this narrative have no problem killing any individual that interferes with their plan. The book provides numerous well-described scenes of horror, as those behind the plot silence anyone they perceive as a possible threat to the success of their program. 

Daniels finally realizes that the endgame is to destroy the United States and other countries from within via deploying a dangerous memory-altering form of biological warfare. Much of the details of the plot are technologically conceivable, given our current abilities in science, which makes Fleisher’s novel that much more diabolical. Readers will undoubtedly ponder its premise and wonder if we could save ourselves from such a sinister and technically advanced threat. 

Many great innovations in science came with fears of the annihilation of the human race. Electricity was once believed to have been capable of mass destruction, and the phenomenal scare of the year 2000 (Y2K) was perpetuated and accepted by millions—yet, the human race still survives.

If you are not squeamish and love a well-crafted apocalyptic novel, you’ll love “The Divine Affliction” by Robert M. Fleisher. “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real,” a Jules Vern quote that I can only hope won’t ever apply to the scenarios presented by Fleisher.

About Robert M. Fleisher


Dr. Fleisher has a BA in psychology and a D.M.D. from Temple University. He then earned a specialty certification in Endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. After building the largest endodontic practice in his tri-state area, he left practice to devote time to his passion for writing. He has publish a number of self-help books. He now has two more non-fiction titles for 2016: FROM WAITING ROOM to COURTROOM - HOW DOCTORS CAN AVOID BEING SUED (Jay Pee Medical Book Publishers, February 2016), and THE SEXLESS MARRIAGE FIX, (Turner Publishing, August 23, 2016). Dr. Fleisher is now excited about his novel, THE DIVINE AFFLICTION (Black Rose Writing) released October, 4th 2018. Dr. Fleisher has had the opportunity to treat over thirty-thousand patients in his career. While his practice was the dental specialty of endodontics, he also writes extensively on aging and relationships. As an journalist he wrote a column on Internet dating, the basis of his 2018 release, DATING AGAIN - A GUIDE TO DATING JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE DONE (Uphill Publishing, April 2018). He developed and wrote an interactive course based on his book, BEDSIDE MANNER: HOW TO GAIN YOUR PATIENTS' RESPECT, LOVE AND LOYALTY, (Uphill Publishing, 2010), which he teaches to his residents at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia via blog at: Dr. Fleisher has authored numerous articles for professional publications and has lectured nationally.

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