Test Driving Your Dealership: A Guide to Car Dealership Consultants - Book Review

Test Driving Your Dealership: A Guide to Car Dealership Consultants

Author: James E. Russell III
Genre: Non Fiction - Business/Finance
Date Published: February 1, 2017
ISBN-10: 1612968104
ISBN-13: 978-1612968100

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Book Review of :  Test Driving Your Dealership: A Guide to Car Dealership Consultants


Test Driving Your Dealership: A Guide to Car Dealership Consultants offers a critical look at car dealerships, in the new internet-driven market. Author James E. Russell III explains why so many are folding and how to turn them around to make them prosper.  Russell has over 30 years of experience to qualify him as an expert in consulting with car dealerships helping them turn their businesses into profitable enterprises.  He gives sage advice on today’s troubled sales teams that so many dealerships struggle with because they fail to properly train their staff. He clearly addresses the sales team issues. It’s not the guys on the sales floor but with how they are being led. It’s the attitude and actions of senior executives and sales managers who unknowingly undermine their performance.  His book is a blueprint for success; it’s the dealership owner’s bible. What Russell preaches comes from walking in the shoes of salesmen, managers and owning dealerships.

Russell offers a comprehensive plan on how to inject energy and vitality into the sales team. He articulates the most common and chronic problems in a dealership and provides practical advice that any manager can follow to avoid pitfalls and turn a struggling dealership into a unified team bent on making the business a success. He makes it clear that the day of the stereotypical car salesman is dead because the majority of today’s car buyers have already researched the car they're interested in online. When the prospective car buyer walks onto the sales lot he already knows what he wants. Russell explains that in this new internet driven market, the “consultative” salesperson uses the customer’s own energy to propel and close the sale. 

In Test Driving Your Dealership: A Guide to Car Dealership Consultants, Russell tells it straight, calling out the problems plaguing dealership sales forces and the costly mistakes made by even the best-intentioned sales managers. The book blends blunt, practical advice with stories from the field.

This book is essential reading for dealership owners, sales managers, and it’s even more relevant to anyone who is contemplating buying a dealership. Regardless of how profitable a dealership is, Russell points out that a set of fresh trained eyes on how many new and used units sold, number of new customers and repeat customers, employee turnover, internet lead handling, etc. will almost always lead to discovering more streamlining and profits for the dealership. 

Test Driving Your Dealership is big on solutions and short on fluff, James E. Russell III provides the answers and tools needed to make a dealership succeed in today’s changing marketplace.  He provides the blueprint of what it takes to break through the gravitational pull of a legacy organization and capture the full value of today's internet-driven market.

About James E. Russell III


After serving eight years in the USAF and afterward owning his own business, James E. Russell III then started from the trenches in automobile dealership car sales. After thirty years in the industry, including many years as a general manger of successful dealerships, Jim has now built a prestigious reputation as a successful recruiter,trainer, team builder, and consultant to multi-roof car dealerships. Jim and his wife live on the west coast of Southern Florida.


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