Thanksgiving in Welcombe Bay - Book Review

Thanksgiving in Welcombe Bay

Author: Kate DARROCH
Genre: Christian - Fiction
Publisher: Ad Astra Press Inc.
Date Published: November 5, 2023
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: 978-1-944690-28-1

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Book Review of :  Thanksgiving in Welcombe Bay


Thanksgiving in Welcombe Bay by Kate Darroch is a captivating romance novel that takes readers on a journey of recovery, healing, and second chances.

When Protagonist Eric Wilcox, under the influence, causes an accident that leaves a young girl named Angie with a broken leg, he is sentenced to community service and probation. Determined to turn his life around, Eric vows never to drink alcohol again and becomes an earnest member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Filled with remorse and regret for his actions, he decides to go to the hospital and personally apologize to Angie.

During his visit to the young girl, Angie, recuperating in the hospital, Eric encounters Lily Baker, the delightful owner of Sweets By The Sea Café. Despite their brief interaction, both Eric and Lily feel a connection. However, Barrister Bob, Eric's sponsor, reminds him that AA discourages new members from entering into a romantic relationship during their first year of recovery. Darroch provides a copy of the 12-step program in the prologue for readers who want to know the goals and rules of AA.

Lily is also currently facing significant challenges as she works towards finalizing her divorce from her husband, Gary. She has been separated for four years, but unfortunately, she has been dealing with prolonged bureaucratic complications in the divorce paperwork, which has been ongoing for several months. In order to proceed, she must attend court one more time and sign a document in the presence of her former spouse, who was an extremely abusive partner. In fact, she is terrified by him.

Darroch sets the story's backdrop in the breathtaking beauty of Welcombe Bay in Devon, England. She unravels her story of love and redemption in this charming town renowned for its idyllic allure, and it is the ultimate haven for residents seeking serenity and natural splendor. It is an excellent place for a recovering Alcoholic.

Lily relies on her faith for solace and resilience in facing her personal challenges... Turning to her church for guidance, she harnesses the power of her religion.

As they navigate various life-altering events, both individuals grapple with challenges. Eric, in particular, is burdened by the weight of his probation as he strives to make the morally correct choices. However, the consequences of his actions could potentially jeopardize his freedom and result in imprisonment.

In her captivating storytelling, Kate Darroch effortlessly conveys a heartfelt message of resilience and love. The narrative shines with a touch of rugged hope, guiding readers on a memorable journey. 

Reviewed by: James B

About Kate DARROCH


Kate Darroch Living on the picturesque Devon coastline, Kate combines her passion for cozy sleuths and her experiences living in many countries to create compelling Travel Cozies. Mairi Maguire, a Scots Irish schoolteacher from 1970s Glasgow, the heroine of Kate's debut novel, Death in Paris, has earned Kate many international book awards, including Incipere's Best Christian Fiction, consolidating her reputation as a notable author. Kate hopes her readers will enjoy Mairi's adventures as much as she enjoys Father Brown, Sherlock Holmes, and that old movie, the Perils of Pauline. Next, Kate created Huntingdon Hart, a dry, witty, prescient, tongue-in-cheek combo of 007 and Mycroft Holmes, who's in love with a much older woman. Kate's most recent opus is the Christian Second Chance for Lasting Love series, Sweets By the Sea, a depth saga of Recovery and Redemption which her readers insist is even more adorable than her Cozy Mysteries.

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