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Simon Grave and the Curious Incident of the Cat in the Daytime

Len Boswell's new book Simon Grave and the Curious Incident of the Cat in the Daytime is full of chuckles and some thought-provoking situations. Len Boswell can be relied on to inject humor into his mysteries, in fact, he probably delivers a guffaw every few minutes as he spins his tale. In this novel, the ...

Simon Grave and the Drone of the Basque Orvilles (Simon Grave Mystery)

The cover design of Len Boswell’s novel Simon Grave and the Drone of the Basque Orvilles, grab your attention on this futuristic parody that winks at  Arthur Conan’s novel “The Hounds of Baskervilles.”  Boswell’s new book should sit upon the shelf with others of its genre like The Wind Done Gone, The Da Vinci ...

Simone LaFray and the Red Wolves of London

Simone LaFray and the Red Wolves of London by Steve O'Farrell has preteen Simone LaFray taking on a puzzling case for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is a junior operative in their service.

Simone's top-secret mission involves finding a missing student's whereabouts and a significant digital asset called an ...

Sins of the Fathers

Charlie was trapped in the office with a never-ending pile of bills to pay. Harley was getting restless and taking a break seemed like an excellent idea. With the opening of the next envelope, however, things in the small bar were about to take a drastic change.

From the very first page of Sins of the Fathers, A. J. McCarthy has you ...

Slacker Noir

Slacker Noir written by Benjamin Chapmen is a comically told story about Aiden S. Scholl’s search for a long lost friend turned musician. It’s a mystery, thriller, and suspense piece with a side of humor tossed-in to make reading fun. Scholl is habitually high and finds any other state of mind not natural as in Chapman’s contradictorily ...

Smugglers 1 Nikki

Smugglers 1 Nikke by Gerald McCallum is a novel set in the Florida Keys. The book opens with Nikki in the middle of a divorce and neck high in debt. The soon to be exhusband has agreed to give Nikki the marina they have joint ownership in--the catch--the marina is just about (days away) to be foreclosed on. As Nikki tours the marina to collect rent ...


Snapshots is a collection of eleven separate ingenious tales penned by author Eliot Parker.  There is richness in his detail with an accurate depiction of human passions and frailties. Stories that tell of a brother gone bad, a minor drug dealer sentenced to big time in prison, a sheriff who meets a nightmare, a tale about baseball, and ...

Some Laneys Died

Some Laneys Died by Brooke Skipstone is a novel about a 16-year-old girl named Delaney whose mind is a blizzard of counterfactual thoughts.  Delaney is addicted to chronicling the events in her life as they happen and often penning multiple versions of the event. As her story unfolds, she discovers that many of the things that she is convinced ...

Someone To Kiss My Scars

"Someone To Kiss My Scars," by Brooke Skipstone is a graphic novel about a character, Hunter Williams, who possesses a strange ability to view past events experienced by others.  The visions of these events are usually traumatic moments in their lives.  He sees them unfolding vividly in his mind as if he was physically there. ...

Sometimes When I'm Mad

Sometimes When I'm Mad by Deborah Serani, Psy.D is a beautifully illustrated anger management kid's book. If you are constantly telling your child not to shout or kick things when they are angry, then this book could be a lot of help for you and your child.  The illustration by Kyra Teis mesh perfectly with ...


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